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DJ hero


I loved guitar hero back in the days. The concept was amazing! Rip off Guitar freaks right off and say that you came up with the idea yourself! Now instead of ripping off rockband again activision decided that it’s time to come up with something original and the result is pretty amazing.

DJ hero is what you would expect if you ever played guitar hero. Just put down your controller on the table and pretend you’re a DJ. While the controller is far more complex this time around it’s fairly easy to learn. After you’re done with the tutorial (wich they force you to play) you can easily go out there and play the songs.

Oh yeah, the songs. Since it’s a music game it’s all about the songs. Unlike the guitar hero games after the 3rd, this game have a decent supply of songs. Most of the songs fall into the categories hip hop or electronic music, there’s a couple of pop songs thrown in there to keep the casuals happy.

When I tell people that I own DJ hero the most common questions are about the controller. It does feel like a piece of plastic, but the disc is wighted down and feel somewhat real. The buttons on the disc feels pretty good too, but I would expect more from the crossfader. The crossfader feels completely different from a real crossfader. First things first, there seems to be some kind of game bug. The crossfader goes haywire at random, and i´m not the only one with this problem and it snaps in the middle. I found this sort of annoying while doing fast switches from left to right or right to left.


I found the online play very random too. Sometimes im up against total idiots that can’t play for two shits, and sometimes I go up against people that 5 star everything. It definitely needs some kind of ranking system with matchups.

I like this game a lot. The price tag was breathtaking at 1199 SEK (119 USD) but the well build controller and amount of songs makes up for it. Too bad a new controller costs about the same as the controller+the game because then it won´t be as appealing as a party game anymore.


If you have a lot of money that you can spend or just want to pretend DJ you should buy this.

ps. You can play as Daft Punk which is a plus in my book.

Oh yeah and add me on PSN: “miniakira” and i’ll beat your ass online.


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