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Okay so usually im too lazy to write about games I play nowadays, but yesterday I found a game I really enjoyed. A game that deserves the time it takes to write an article. The game was Machinarium.

Besides the fact that this game has the most annoying title to pronounce, I didn’t know much about it. I saw it on the steam store when I browsed around for some game that might entertain me for a couple of hours. I started to look at the print-screens, well fair enough the game has one of the most amazing artworks i’ve ever seen. The whole game is hand drawn to perfection.

There was no decent reviews to be found. So I took a chance and just got the game hoping that if the game sucked I could look at the pretty pictures at least. I must confess that I’m a huge fan of point and click adventure games. I even bet I could jerk off to monkey island (fuck yeah I’m hardcore). Machinarium got it all right. Artwork, humor, controls, all of them was perfect to my taste.Only complaint is that it’s so short! I need more damn it!

What is this awesome game about you might ask? Well it’s hard to pinpoint since all you get is short, crummy drawn videos that tells the story the more you progress through the game. You’re a small robot, and you are getting bullied around by some asshole robots. You need to stop them from blowing up the city with a bomb and save your girlfriend from the prison. As I said you only get videos to tell the story so the characters don’t have any names.


It took me about 5 hours to get through but I did the whole thing pretty quick. If you’re a point n’ click veteran like myself you might do better but count about 5-7 hours gametime of awesome animations and an interesting story.You can clearly see that this game is inspired by “The neverhood” wich is a good thing. Because I love that game. Also go play the neverhood now if you haven’t done that yet.

A great indie game wich you NEED to play to be cool.

You can play the demo online in your browser at:



Bioshock 2


With a new demo of bioshock 2 being released I thought I would write about this game today. This game’s story is played out 10 years after the first installment of bioshock. Bioshock received exelent reviews when it was released and is still on the #1 spot on steam’s top rated list.

If you never played the first game it’s basically a first person shooter that allows you to use both weapons and magic powers called plasmids. The game starts out with the main character “Jack” crashing with his airplane. He swims for a lighthouse and inside there’s an elevator that takes you down to the underwater city called rapture, in the eleveator you see a movie showing the ruler of rapture: Andrew Ryan. An Irishman, Atlas, via the service radio found in the elevator, assists Jack in making his way to safety, while Ryan, believing Jack to be an agent of a surface nation, uses Rapture’s automated systems and his phermone-controlled Splicers against him. The only way to survive down in rapture is to use the magic powers called plasmids and to make you more powerful you need adam from little sisters. Getting the adam isn’t an easy task since little sisters is protected by big daddys. Big daddy’s is the most powerful enemies in the game and they won’t give you the little sisters without a fight. If you manage to kill the big daddy you can eighter harvest them for adam or you can rescue them from the sea slugs that corrupts them. Bioshock has the same story setup as half life, where you don’t know anything about anything at the start and the story builds up over time.


The biggest diffrence between bioshock and bioshock 2 is that instead of you playing as Jack you play the first big daddy ever made. This first prototype does lack some of the super strength that big daddys possess, but makes up for it with the ability to use plasmids. Just like the good o’l big daddys in the first game you have a big ass drill on your hand and a powerful rifle. You can also dual wield plasmids and weapon wich is a new feature added.

When you’re so powerful there needs to be something that you fear even more then big daddys. So the big sister was introduced. Big sister is very agile compared to big daddys and she have the ability to suck out the adam by herself so she doesn’t need little sisters. The big sister is the first little sister trying to transform into something similar to how big daddys look and is now ruling the underwater city of rapture.  She is abducting children from the coasts of the atlantic sea Her goal is to transform the children into creatures like herself.

Instead of being guided by Atlas you are guided by dr Tenenbaum, the inventor of the little sisters. She wants you to hunt the big sister down and kill her. As always you can choose to harvest a little sister to get adam but instead of rescuing her you can adopt her adn put her on the shoulder. This enables you to see adam in dead bodies you can put the little sister down to harvest for adam, while she’s harvesting you need to protect her since the splicers will try to kill her. From what i’ve seen in the demo you can combine diffrent plasmids into traps. You can also find adam in sea slug on the bottom of the sea otuside rapture, like to ones you see when you harvest a little sisters.


Overall there’s not much more to say about the game so far. The demo only revealed small parts of the story. I’m really looking forward to this game, and i’m hoping for a simultaneous pc release since I guess it’s kinda cool in the game developer league to fuck pc gamers over.

If you didn’t see the demo yet I suggest you do:

If you didn’t play the first bioshock game you have until november 30th!



A quick look on Singularity

Yesterday they released a new trailer on Singularity, wich reminded me how awesome this game will be!

For you guys who never heard about this game its an FPS very much like Half Life 2 wich will be released on PC, xbox 360 and PS3, and it all revolves about the TMD (Time manipulation device). What it does is just what you think, it  manipulates time.

The TMD has alot in common with the gravity gun from HL2 with the most interesting features being:

Revert: This allows the player to rewind an object or human backwards in time. It can be used to repair broken walkways to a new state, revert an empty barrel of oil to a full one. Using it on humans does not, as logic would dictate, revert them to helpless children or infants, or even an agonizing death as they dwindle to mere sperm-and-egg – rather, it reverts them to a contrived ‘placental state’, presumably because it was less work for the artists to merely use the existing character models and plaster some goop over them than rendering the aforementioned transformations.

Age: This allows the player to fast-forward an object or human through time. It can turn a crate that a group of enemies are using for cover into rotted wood, or turn an iron fence blocking your path into a pile of rust. Using this on an enemy will result in them quickly aging until they are nothing more than bones and dust. Upgrading this causes your targets to age faster.

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 1

It also works like the gravity gun like picking up stuff and using a stasis field to stop time and hold activated granades.

Sounds fucking epic to me =)!

The story is based around Nate Renko who is an air force pilot investigating the island “katorga 12” only to crash land and wake up with the TMD on his arm. The goal is to stop the singularity, wich I dont really know what it is. I just know that it happened 1950 (May be based around this : .

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 2

Everything about this game looks very promising, not too much story, not too linear and not too confusing either. I really love the “fuck-with-physics-weapons” like with the gravity gun and the portal gun. So im pretty sure this game is worth atleast one playthrough just to have fun with the TMD.

Multiplayer has been announced but nothing about how it will work. Looking forward to that too.

Here’s the trailer:



Okay so almost everybody heard atleast something about the new gaming concept Onlive.

What it does is use a browser plugin very much like quakelive ( to stream the games into your pc, and the pc doesn’t even have to be a good one.

They also offer a small console called a “micro console” to stream the games into your TV.

Controller and Micro console

Controller and Micro console

Now this all sounds good in theory, but is this really possible with the technology today?

Lets just think about this for a while. You know those loading times that occur every now and then while playing a youtube video? or sometimes when your on a halfshitty computer watching something from gametrailers in HD? Yeah thats the first problem I thought about. Even with world of warcraft you have the occasional lagspike.

Let’s take a quick look at the FAQ

Now how can they promise that the game doesnt lag at all when the servers are being pushed to the max? Well we just have to take their word for it, since the only comment I found on this is:

  • How long does it take to download a game?
    Trust us, it’s really fast – it’s instant, unlike anything you’ve tried.

Sounds promising doesnt it…?

Well fuck that! I want to know what space magic your using! I mean with quakelive its a game from 1999, they are saying that you can play games like crysis without any lag at all.. Its like you played it on your own super computer!

Well let’s move on.

  • Where will OnLive be available?
    We’ll be launching across the continental US.

Of course… since I live in sweden…

And now for the PC specs, this is the best part:

  • What if I want to play OnLive on my PC or Mac-what are the minimum specs?
    Since the game is running in the OnLive data center, our system requirements are pretty low. All you need is a PC running a current version of Windows XP® or Vista®, or an Intel®-based Mac running a current version of OS X.
  • “OnLive spent seven years in stealth development before officially unveiling in March 2009.”

Okay so 7 years of development and you didn’t figure out what specs you need to play it? Also what is up with that 7 years? did broadband even exist 7 years ago?

Well before we end this ranting lets take a look at this picture.

Onlive space technology

Onlive space technology

Woa! Whats that cloud? apparently it’s the internet!

This Is all I could find out about onlive right now, its not much at the moment but im really looking forward to a public beta or something. Just to check it out, since if this works, it will give PC gaming the boost it needs right now.

Thank you for reading


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