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a quick look at lego universe

Surely you’ve played with Lego at some point in your life. You can never get too old to enjoy it, really. It’s a way to let your creativity flow.
You can make all kinds of creations with Lego and that’s what so amazing with it. Be it a car, a spaceship or a boat, or even something abstract. You name it and it’s most likely possible to build.
Since the beginning of this century the interest for real life things has decreased. Maybe that’s why Lego is trying so hard to make a name for itself in the virtual world.

Well, it seems to be a great success since there still are new Lego games in production. The latest one takes the Lego world to a whole new level. Lego Universe is not just a new game. It’s an MMO and we all know what that means.
It’s going to have to compete with one of all times gaming giant; World of Warcraft.
So what is my thoughts on this. I’m usually skeptical about new MMOs, since so many of them fail to be groundbreaking. Most of them are so clearly ripped off of WoW it’s almost embarrassing to play them.
This time though it’s different, I think. I still keep my guard with the skepticism, but I can’t shake the feeling that this time it really is something extraordinary.

Be a pirate and sail the great seas or... a goddamn rocket and fly to the moon!

A game set in a universe based on the endless creativity of Lego. It might just do the thing. It might at last be the groundbreaking MMO we’ve all been waiting for.
Sure, I can already tell now that it wont stand a chance against the millions of fans playing WoW. Still, it can become a great MMO. It can be enjoyable, but only if it isn’t comparable with other games of the genre.

The gameplay will involve battles, creating things, exploring and so on. It will be based on the gameplay and battle system seen in LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones. To create stuff with Lego bricks there is three different modes. Quick Build for pre-minded models, Choice Build to choose different parts for you models or Custom Build where you choose brick for brick and build your own thing from scratch.

Look mother! Ive built a podracer!

and now Im a ninja ready to battle anything!

The story will take place in seven different worlds. You use rockets to travel between them. The only confirmed world so far is called “Avant Gardens”.
There will be both player vs. environment and player vs. players. The question is how will that work out?
I hope there will be possibility to become better than other players with little balancing applied.
Then again, it is pretty much a kids game. So the targeted audience might not be that hardcore.
That’s one of the worries I have for this great idea of a game. That it wont be for all ages. That it might be for little kids. I mean in general, Lego is made for kids.
The trailer is pretty violent though, but what kid doesn’t play violent games today?




Ze Olde Republic


When I hear the name of the franchise Star Wars I usually stop listening and try to ignore what ever source I heard it from. I mean, when will the franchise ever die? It has gone on for to long now. I wouldn’t be surprised if George Lucas started to sell his own shit under the name “Jedi Force Brownie”
I hate him for what he’s done to Star Wars, and Indiana Jones too for that matter.
I can really see why Trey Parker and Matt Stone ridiculed George Lucas in South Park. Pictured as he was as literally butt-fucking Indiana Jones and a Storm Trooper.



Sadly there’s still a good interest in the Star Wars franchise. Not many share my view on this. I guess it’s best to just ignore all the raping of classics and pretend it’s not happening. At least I thought so until I saw the light on the other side of the tunnel! There may be hope yet. Even though Episode One will keep existing and pollute the world with its presence there may still be something good waiting around the corner.

...or is it?

...or is it?

What I’m getting at, is the new cooperation between LucasArts and Bioware. Last year, at a private press event, they both announced their new project Star Wars: The Old Republic. An MMORPG set in the Star Wars galaxy, far, far way…
You should know that last time LucasArts and Bioware worked together they created something fantastic; they developed the game series: Knights of the Old Republic. Two games total, two awesome games cheered by fans, critiques and gaming communities world wide.
Now, this new MMO in development is going to take place 300 years after the events in Knight of the Old Republic.

The game will start as new conflicts arise between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. Which are the two factions you will be able to choose from. Each faction has its own set of morals. Likely representing good versus evil. It’s said by the developers that each choice you make for your character is definitive. So you wont be able to change anything you do. The storyline is different for every class and also vary depending on the choices the player makes.
So far only two classes has been revealed; Bounty Hunter and Trooper. They will belong to the Sith and Republic faction respectively.


Bounty Hunter



I really like the looks of this game. If you want a game to be timeless, cellshaded graphics is the way to go. That way it’s not hard to make a beautiful game. Still judging from the pictures of The Old Republic, it really has that certain Star Wars atmosphere to it.

I don’t know about you, but this project sure has a nice cling to it. Bioware is known for doing epic games with great stories. Something feels bad about this though. The Star Wars franchise has fucked up one to many times in my opinion. Just look at what LucasArts did with Star Wars Galaxies. It was a great game to begin with, but when World of Warcraft came with its winning concept, SWG was ruined by trying to mimic WoW. After that the whole concept of Galaxies disappeared in to thin air.

Let's hope Jedi isn't a class for everyone

Let's hope Jedi isn't a class for everyone

pew pew pew

pew pew pew

I’d really like to see Star Wars Galaxies coming to live again with this interesting new MMO project.
It’d be damn cool if the possibility to choose allegiance when you want to were introduced again. Being able to be neutral and play around as an Artisan offering service to other players.
But I seriously doubt it’ll ever happen. One can only hope.

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