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Okay so usually im too lazy to write about games I play nowadays, but yesterday I found a game I really enjoyed. A game that deserves the time it takes to write an article. The game was Machinarium.

Besides the fact that this game has the most annoying title to pronounce, I didn’t know much about it. I saw it on the steam store when I browsed around for some game that might entertain me for a couple of hours. I started to look at the print-screens, well fair enough the game has one of the most amazing artworks i’ve ever seen. The whole game is hand drawn to perfection.

There was no decent reviews to be found. So I took a chance and just got the game hoping that if the game sucked I could look at the pretty pictures at least. I must confess that I’m a huge fan of point and click adventure games. I even bet I could jerk off to monkey island (fuck yeah I’m hardcore). Machinarium got it all right. Artwork, humor, controls, all of them was perfect to my taste.Only complaint is that it’s so short! I need more damn it!

What is this awesome game about you might ask? Well it’s hard to pinpoint since all you get is short, crummy drawn videos that tells the story the more you progress through the game. You’re a small robot, and you are getting bullied around by some asshole robots. You need to stop them from blowing up the city with a bomb and save your girlfriend from the prison. As I said you only get videos to tell the story so the characters don’t have any names.


It took me about 5 hours to get through but I did the whole thing pretty quick. If you’re a point n’ click veteran like myself you might do better but count about 5-7 hours gametime of awesome animations and an interesting story.You can clearly see that this game is inspired by “The neverhood” wich is a good thing. Because I love that game. Also go play the neverhood now if you haven’t done that yet.

A great indie game wich you NEED to play to be cool.

You can play the demo online in your browser at:



Kirby superstar


It’s been a while since we dug up one of the classics for the blog, so I thought it would be a good moment to mention one of my favorites for the SNES: Kirby superstar. If you’re from europe like myself this game is called kirby’s fun pak.

Obviously you play as the pink blob Kirby who’s one of nintendos iconic characters. This game collects 9 small games.  Thei’r simply just a normal 2d platformer like most of the snes platformers out there. Like the previous games we have kirby’s ability to obtain enemys powers by sucking them into your stomach. Kirby superstar also introduced the feature of having a helper simply by pressing y when you have a power activated. The helper could be controlled by a CPU or even by a second player. Having a second player is recommended since the cpu helper is stupid as fuck.


The games you can play is:

Spring breeze: Based on the first kirby game for the game boy. You have to face king dedede and reclaim the food he’s stole from the citizens of Dream land

Dyna blade: Almost the same as spring breeze but in this one you get an overworld map. At the end you need to fight a robot brid called Dyna blade.

Gourmet Race: It is a race against King Dedede incorporating platform elements. The objective is to both beat King Dedede to the finish line and collect the most food.

The Great Cave Offensive: In this one, the player must collect up to sixty treasure chests strewn throughout the game. There’s alot of hidden treasures to find.

Revenge of Meta Knight : In this one, Kirby attempts to destroy Meta Knight’s battleship, the Halberd, before Meta Knight can conquer Dream Land. Each area has a time limit, which will cost Kirby a life if it hits zero. It is particularly plot-based, featuring comments from the various crew members of the Halberd.

Milky Way Wishes: In this one, the Sun and Moon around planet Popstar are fighting, and Kirby must travel to different planets and defeat the boss at the end of each one in order to reach the giant comet NOVA, who Kirby hopes will help stop the unfortunate quarrel. Unlike the other platform games, Kirby cannot copy the abilities of enemies he inhales; instead, he collects “Deluxe Ability Pedestals”. These are items with abilities on them that, once in Kirby’s possession, allow the player to select them from a list of abilities. It also features a scrolling space shooter stage near the end.

The rest of the games is just mini games.

The best game, in my opinion, was the revenge of meta knight stage. In the end his aircraft plummets down to the ground and you see kirby making his epic escape. The music on the meta knight stage is one of the best ones in the snes library.

The controls can be a little hard to master at first but you will get the hang of it pretty soon. Since you pretty much can fly through whole stages there’s alot of enemies to fight and it never really feels too hard but never too easy eighter. The great cave offensive does require you to think alot if you want all the treasures.


If you missed this game for the SNES there is still hope! They remade this game for the nintendo DS. Kirby superstar ultra and kirby’s new fun pak is a great remake and kept everything that was great about the game exept for the 2 player option. They added 4 new platforming levels and 4 new minigames. The 3d cutscenes is also worth to mention.


Overall, this is a great game wich alot of people in europe didn’t play. I love it so much I spent alot of money on buying a new snes version of the game. I hope I inspiered you to pick this game up and give it a try. I mean who doesn’t like kirby?!


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