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PSP Go Impressions


The market hasn’t treated the PSP too well. Compared to the NDS it has superior hardware, but if you take a look at the sales rate the NDS has double the sales of the PSP.
What gives the DS an advantage over the PSP is that it has a broader selection of games and is cheaper to buy. It’s easier to chip it too. Any average Joe is able to buy a flash card and just download all NDS games for free.
It doesn’t mater that the PSP has alot of cool multimedia features. The games hasn’t lived up to the potential of the PSP. It was a nice gadget to begin with, but in the end it just got boring and those UMD cartridges wasn’t convenient enough.


Now that Sony has revealed the PSP Go, we can only hope that the handheld market will give it a better try. There’s lots of reason why the PSP Go will do better than the previous versions. First off it’s more compact and it has 8GB to 16GB of built-in flash memory. It has a total capacity of 32GB.
It weighs about 40 percent less than the PSP-3000 and despite that it has a smaller screen it will have the same resolution and probably play even better.
The best feature though is that instead of running UMD discs all media will be downloadable. That will make it much more convenient as an handheld. Sony will make it so that you can download the content of all UMD discs you’ve already bought.

PSP Go open

PSP Go open

This is a good move from Sony’s side, since downloadable games sell better. Just take a look at how well Steam is doing. It’s a good way to avoid piracy, though it won’t nullify it. Buyers want it easy and like to be able to have their collection at one place.
The only downside I can see with the PSP Go is the price, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Anyway, one more thing that will make sure to sell the PSP Go is the upcoming games. Big titles like Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker will surely draw attention to the handheld.
What I hope for is that Sony make it easier for third part and independent developers to publish games on the PSN store.

/Dallas (previously Mr. D)


PSP go

When I first saw the psp go! I thought it would be very uncomfortable to hold it. It looks pretty okay after seeing this video and I hope both metal gear and Little big planet will be something worthwhile, since that’s the only reason im getting one of theese


E3 2009: The motion control war

Motion controls logo

With the wii sadly having a great success with the sales we’ve entered what I would like to call the motion control wars. Motion control is what the name suggests, it’s a control using your motions and add it to the game somehow. Nintendo introduced motion controls with the wii and it made the casual crowd go crazy about videogames. Apparently the casual crowd has more money than us gamers. So anyways this year the other two big compaines Microsoft and Sony jumped on the train to easy cash  and all of the big three added something that would enhance motion controls.

Im going to split it into Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and tell you about them with the pros and cons.


First up we have the obvious one, Nintendo. They introduced the wii motion plus wich is a small addon for your wiimote and it’s supposed to make it more accurate and more responsive. To play the game Red steel 2 you need one of theese or else it wont work. I really don’t see any pros in this case, I mean it’s another friggin addon you have to pay your hard earned money for just to play the games they are releasing. It kinda feels like Nintendo didn’t make the wiimote proper the first time and they needed to release an addon just to make it work like it was supposed to from the start. Weak nintendo..

Nintendo needs to make more game that uses the motion control without it being a sucky minigame collection.. Again..


Microsoft’s vision was more about not having any controllers at all and just playing with your body (hehe). Showing some interesting demo of a girl playing with balls (Im on a roll today) in a 3d enviorment. They call it Natal and it seems to work pretty good. Even though the guy doing the demo said the avatar was following him perfectly when it just twitched around like he had boneitis. Yeah I get it it’s a prototype bla bla. This demo impressed me until I realised that if I had to play that crazy ass game kicking balls I had to jump around and stuff. First things first: Gamers isn’t usually the best at sports, the sooner you realise this game compaines the better. Second: My apartment is a pretty decent size and I can’t really see myself having the space to jump around playing games. So my though was that maybe they are just targeting people that owns their own house with a big living room wich has the sofa placed directly in front of the TV.

Anyways I was impressed by it all, but then they had to ruin it all by inviting the most annoying guy ever to the stage also known as Peter Molyneux. You know the guy who made fable and lied about it being a free game and whatnot. Lionhead was apparently working with a “game” where you control a little boy called Milo. My impressions of this “game” was very mixed. I mean it was cool to see the boy react to all the stuff the firl in the video was doing. Then I asked myself: “Why is this being made, and who wants a scary virtual little boy that you can talk to?”. If they aren’t targeting pedophiles and lonely people that needs a friend, I don’t really know.

Microsoft has a huge advantage of removing controllers completly but they just need to make something more interesting than a copy of eyetoy to make it all work. Controlling the menues on the dashboard with handmotions can get boring after a couple of minutes.


Sony had something wiimote ish looking to show up at their press confereance.  Out of the three this one was my favorite. We didn’t get to know much about the ps3 motion control but it looks like it’s a hybrid of the natal and the wiimotes. It was very accurate just like the Natal but it had buttons just like a wiimote wich can be an advantage in this case.This makes it easier to apply it to a normal game instead of a party gimmic game. In their demo we got to see a guy controlling an RTS, Swordswining and arrowshooting. It felt like this was a pure prototype and im hoping to see more of it soon.

If all the companies wants to make this motion control work they need to apply it to games instead of making games around the motion control. If you think about what Microsoft said about the normal controller being a barrier, it feels like the motion control is a barrier to make good games. A normal controller is something we had since the 80’s and it still works. The tech is very young and I bet that after a while they will get it right but not this gen.

Who will win this war? Noone because my spidey sense is saying they will all go to the dark side and make casual workout games.

// Akira_san


Podcast episode 2: E3 predictions

Well it’s about time we update something worthwhile.

So here is the swedish podcast episode 2: E3 predictions.

I promise next time it will be in english.

Part 1

Part 2



Due to alot of problems while recording our podcast we haven’t updated in a couple of days.

The podcast will be released tomorrow.

Heres a sweet ass video of megaman 2.5 d


Review: Soma Bringer


Soma Bringer is a hack and slash RPG for the DS. Developed by Monolith Soft, behind the fairly known RPG-series Xenogear. Soma Bringer was released in Japan in February 2008, but sadly there’s hasn’t been any word suggesting that it will be released anywhere else. It’s one of those Japanese games that hasn’t made it to the western market. It’s pretty strange though, since this is a really solid game. It received good reviews in Japan and sold about 51,000 units initially.

Soma Bringer1

Soma Bringer takes place in a world where an energy called Soma drives all technology and the daily lives of the Inhabitants. In this world lies the huge continent Barnea and recently the Soma balance as been disrupted. This causes monsters called Visitors to appear and terrorizing people. That’s where you come in. You play as soldier of an Visitor hunter organization called Secundady.
Your main quest is to help the people get rid of Visitors, but you end up getting you self involved in a much more harder mission. It seems that some evil force wants to bring an final end to the human world. Now you, together with your allies are the only ones who can save Barnea from destruction.

A Battle with wolfs

A Battle with wolfs

The gameplay in Soma Bringer is almost exactly as in Diablo. You pick a character and class, then you get in to the adventure where two team-mates hook up with you. You hack and slash the enemies with different spells and attacks. While you level up you can build talent trees to get better attacks/spells and boost certain abilities.
When you kill monsters some of them drop chests which you can loot for better gear and money. When you encounter rare monsters you get better drops and boss-fights gives you rare drops. Just like in Diablo the monsters re-spawn after you restart the game. So if you want to go on a grind-run, that’s an easy cake.
The boss fights are the most interesting in Soma Bringer, since they give a great challenge. You really need to check your tactics to get them down. Some rare bosses are so hard you’ll have to fight them later when you leveled up some more.

A boss battle

A boss battle

The gear you pick up has different colors depending on the rareness and the quality. Some even belongs to a set. Now there’s another similarity to the Diablo gameplay.
But wait, it doesn’t stop there. You can put gems in your gear to make it stronger and boost your skillpoints. You can even combine the gems to get higher leveled gems.
For every level you get some AP (Attack Points) and CP (Character Points) which you can spend to boost your stats and as mentioned build a talent tree.

Character Select

Character Select

The battlesystem is simple. You use X, Y, A, B for the attacks you have assigned. Then you make sure you got a target in front of you or just press one button until you see a red marker on your target.
Then just hack and slash away.
But to add some to the battlesystem there has been introduced a break system which gives you the possibility to stun your target for some time. This happens when you continually hit your target.
There will first be one (!) then two (!!) and lastly three (!!!) which shows a successful break.

Chest looting and break points

Chest looting and break points

You might think that a game that almost ripped everything from Diablo should be bad. In my opinion this is one hell of game. The story is simple and easy to understand. The character are pretty cool and the battles are kickass. One thing that really makes me happy while playing this game is that there’s no use of the stylus. The DS stylus should not be overused just because it’s there.
Well anyway, it’s easy to like this game when it’s so simple to get in to. It’s not the best game in the world, but it sure is fun.

The sad truth is that it’s only released in Japanese, but you can get a patch with a translation if you use chip. So that’s the only tips I can give you. I wont give you a link our anything.
You should absolutely play this game.

/Mr. D


Demo Impression: InFamous.


InFamous is a third person action game in which you take control of Cole, someone who somehow suddenly posses these unexplainable powers of electrecity. It is now up to you to either help Cole save the city, or make him destroy it.

The demo starts off with a little introduction explaining pretty much what I said above. When it’s time for your first mission, you’re slung out in the world of Empire City. And since you start on a rooftop, you get the feeling that this is going to be an open wordl game with a lot of climbing and/or flying involved. And you’d be very right to think so, because that’s just what you do, aside from electrifying your enemies of course.

Navigating trhough the environment is a breeze, the controls feelss very fluent and they’re very easy to learn.  Cole will automatically grab on to edges and ledges when he comes in contact with them and jumping from rooftop to rooftop is a lot of fun. He can also fly for short amount of time and slide on wires coonected between buildings. He does these things with the help of his electrical powers, using them as thrust in both cases.


The Empire City we see in the game seems to be that of a decaying one, where gangs have taken over the streets and it’s pretty much total anarchy all over the place. With that said, the environment looks great, it’s got a very gritty feel to it and everything feels weathered, even if the events making it that way didn’t take place too long ago. Which begs the question, what really happened? I guess we’ll have to buy the game to find out eh?


As I said, the game looks great, but when looked at from a purely technical angle, it can seem a little dated in its graphics. Still, Cole’s powers look great, as does the world he inhabits, but it’s a little rough around the edges at times. I’ve gotten occaisional framerate issues and so on, but it’s nothing that detracts from the overall feel of the game.

The mission in the demo has you escorting an old train, filled with refugees to a safe location. Of course the route to that location is filled with enemies, the reapers. This only provides you with a great opportunity to try out your electrifying skills, which is a ton of fun. It can be easy to think that Cole’s powers, being based entirely on electricity, would become repetetive. This is not the caes, he has a lot of different things he can do with them. Using it to push cars and whatnot out of the way or into enemies, throwing electric grenades and shooting it out of his fingertips alá the emperor from star Wars. He can also do this cannonball thing where he jumps off a high ground and dives into the ground, blowing pretty much everything around him out of way as he lands.


The game also has a whole good/evil thing going, which doesn’t really show itself too much in the demo, but what I can say is that being evil does affect what people think of you and your status to them  About the only other noticable difference is that when performing evil tasks, Cole’s powers will turn red instead of blue and vice versa.  He’ll also change his appearance and look more… You know, Evil.  I’m fairly certain there’s more than that to it in the full game, but that’s what I could gather from the demo.


The game feels and plays great, it’s got kind of a Spiderman meets Assassin’s Creed thing going on, which I like. It runs smooth enough and as I’ve stated it is a ton of fun navigating Empire City. I look forward to playing the full game when it hits shelves on June 27th

The demo is available now on PSN.

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