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DJ hero


I loved guitar hero back in the days. The concept was amazing! Rip off Guitar freaks right off and say that you came up with the idea yourself! Now instead of ripping off rockband again activision decided that it’s time to come up with something original and the result is pretty amazing.

DJ hero is what you would expect if you ever played guitar hero. Just put down your controller on the table and pretend you’re a DJ. While the controller is far more complex this time around it’s fairly easy to learn. After you’re done with the tutorial (wich they force you to play) you can easily go out there and play the songs.

Oh yeah, the songs. Since it’s a music game it’s all about the songs. Unlike the guitar hero games after the 3rd, this game have a decent supply of songs. Most of the songs fall into the categories hip hop or electronic music, there’s a couple of pop songs thrown in there to keep the casuals happy.

When I tell people that I own DJ hero the most common questions are about the controller. It does feel like a piece of plastic, but the disc is wighted down and feel somewhat real. The buttons on the disc feels pretty good too, but I would expect more from the crossfader. The crossfader feels completely different from a real crossfader. First things first, there seems to be some kind of game bug. The crossfader goes haywire at random, and i´m not the only one with this problem and it snaps in the middle. I found this sort of annoying while doing fast switches from left to right or right to left.


I found the online play very random too. Sometimes im up against total idiots that can’t play for two shits, and sometimes I go up against people that 5 star everything. It definitely needs some kind of ranking system with matchups.

I like this game a lot. The price tag was breathtaking at 1199 SEK (119 USD) but the well build controller and amount of songs makes up for it. Too bad a new controller costs about the same as the controller+the game because then it won´t be as appealing as a party game anymore.


If you have a lot of money that you can spend or just want to pretend DJ you should buy this.

ps. You can play as Daft Punk which is a plus in my book.

Oh yeah and add me on PSN: “miniakira” and i’ll beat your ass online.




Okay so usually im too lazy to write about games I play nowadays, but yesterday I found a game I really enjoyed. A game that deserves the time it takes to write an article. The game was Machinarium.

Besides the fact that this game has the most annoying title to pronounce, I didn’t know much about it. I saw it on the steam store when I browsed around for some game that might entertain me for a couple of hours. I started to look at the print-screens, well fair enough the game has one of the most amazing artworks i’ve ever seen. The whole game is hand drawn to perfection.

There was no decent reviews to be found. So I took a chance and just got the game hoping that if the game sucked I could look at the pretty pictures at least. I must confess that I’m a huge fan of point and click adventure games. I even bet I could jerk off to monkey island (fuck yeah I’m hardcore). Machinarium got it all right. Artwork, humor, controls, all of them was perfect to my taste.Only complaint is that it’s so short! I need more damn it!

What is this awesome game about you might ask? Well it’s hard to pinpoint since all you get is short, crummy drawn videos that tells the story the more you progress through the game. You’re a small robot, and you are getting bullied around by some asshole robots. You need to stop them from blowing up the city with a bomb and save your girlfriend from the prison. As I said you only get videos to tell the story so the characters don’t have any names.


It took me about 5 hours to get through but I did the whole thing pretty quick. If you’re a point n’ click veteran like myself you might do better but count about 5-7 hours gametime of awesome animations and an interesting story.You can clearly see that this game is inspired by “The neverhood” wich is a good thing. Because I love that game. Also go play the neverhood now if you haven’t done that yet.

A great indie game wich you NEED to play to be cool.

You can play the demo online in your browser at:



PS3:Fat princess

Yep we’re back from the summer break. Since almost no games was coming out or being announced since E3 we thought we would take a break.

Today it’s time to review the game Fat princess for the ps3.


Simple and fun is the two words best describing this game. No story no missions, just plain head to head combat at it’s best. The only goal is to get your princess back while keeping the other teams princess captured in your prison. If you don’t count that lame ass fotball game (wich I don’t).

You start out as a simple peasant and to change to an actual class you have  5 hat machines in your base that makes hats (duh?) and if you put it on, you turn into the class the hat represents. You get to choose between 5 diffrent classes: Warrior, priest, ranger, worker and mage. It’s pretty easy to figure out what each class does if you ever played an rpg or something like that, exept for the worker. Workers cut down wood and get it to the base. They are in charge of building gates for the base, building ladders to get into the enemy base and to upgrade hatmachines.

Now if you’re wondering about the name “Fat princess” it’s because you can feed your prisoner (the other teams princess) CAKE! When you feed her this cake she becomes fat and it takes more time dragging her fat ass, if she’s been lazy on her diet.

I really like how simple Fat princess is. It took me about 10 minutes to understand everything in the game. Try to get the princess, keep theirs, upgrade your buildings to get better hats and win the game, thats about it.

If you’re wondering about my opinion I can only say that this game is the shit if you’re looking for a great game to have between games. It can get a bit repeditive and the connection problems is a bit frustrating but at 14 euros you can’t really complain. If you’re lucky to get 5+ friends to play this game it can be a lot more fun since most people doesn’t have a headset for the ps3 and it’s the kind of game you need tactics and teamwork to succeed every time.

Oh yeah forgot to mention that Fat princess is coming out to the psp wich im looking forward too, since this is perfect for handheld gaming


Review: Soma Bringer


Soma Bringer is a hack and slash RPG for the DS. Developed by Monolith Soft, behind the fairly known RPG-series Xenogear. Soma Bringer was released in Japan in February 2008, but sadly there’s hasn’t been any word suggesting that it will be released anywhere else. It’s one of those Japanese games that hasn’t made it to the western market. It’s pretty strange though, since this is a really solid game. It received good reviews in Japan and sold about 51,000 units initially.

Soma Bringer1

Soma Bringer takes place in a world where an energy called Soma drives all technology and the daily lives of the Inhabitants. In this world lies the huge continent Barnea and recently the Soma balance as been disrupted. This causes monsters called Visitors to appear and terrorizing people. That’s where you come in. You play as soldier of an Visitor hunter organization called Secundady.
Your main quest is to help the people get rid of Visitors, but you end up getting you self involved in a much more harder mission. It seems that some evil force wants to bring an final end to the human world. Now you, together with your allies are the only ones who can save Barnea from destruction.

A Battle with wolfs

A Battle with wolfs

The gameplay in Soma Bringer is almost exactly as in Diablo. You pick a character and class, then you get in to the adventure where two team-mates hook up with you. You hack and slash the enemies with different spells and attacks. While you level up you can build talent trees to get better attacks/spells and boost certain abilities.
When you kill monsters some of them drop chests which you can loot for better gear and money. When you encounter rare monsters you get better drops and boss-fights gives you rare drops. Just like in Diablo the monsters re-spawn after you restart the game. So if you want to go on a grind-run, that’s an easy cake.
The boss fights are the most interesting in Soma Bringer, since they give a great challenge. You really need to check your tactics to get them down. Some rare bosses are so hard you’ll have to fight them later when you leveled up some more.

A boss battle

A boss battle

The gear you pick up has different colors depending on the rareness and the quality. Some even belongs to a set. Now there’s another similarity to the Diablo gameplay.
But wait, it doesn’t stop there. You can put gems in your gear to make it stronger and boost your skillpoints. You can even combine the gems to get higher leveled gems.
For every level you get some AP (Attack Points) and CP (Character Points) which you can spend to boost your stats and as mentioned build a talent tree.

Character Select

Character Select

The battlesystem is simple. You use X, Y, A, B for the attacks you have assigned. Then you make sure you got a target in front of you or just press one button until you see a red marker on your target.
Then just hack and slash away.
But to add some to the battlesystem there has been introduced a break system which gives you the possibility to stun your target for some time. This happens when you continually hit your target.
There will first be one (!) then two (!!) and lastly three (!!!) which shows a successful break.

Chest looting and break points

Chest looting and break points

You might think that a game that almost ripped everything from Diablo should be bad. In my opinion this is one hell of game. The story is simple and easy to understand. The character are pretty cool and the battles are kickass. One thing that really makes me happy while playing this game is that there’s no use of the stylus. The DS stylus should not be overused just because it’s there.
Well anyway, it’s easy to like this game when it’s so simple to get in to. It’s not the best game in the world, but it sure is fun.

The sad truth is that it’s only released in Japanese, but you can get a patch with a translation if you use chip. So that’s the only tips I can give you. I wont give you a link our anything.
You should absolutely play this game.

/Mr. D

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