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Short note: Why oh why!?


Rocket knight adventures, one of the best game on sega genesis, sadly was raped by the “let’s make 10 shitty remakes instead of 1 good” train thats been coming around too often nowadays. Turtles in time didn’t work out so on to the next game.

Rocket knight adventures is a platformer where you play as an opossum called rocket knight I guess. Of course the little fella wears a rocket pack on his back and wields a sword. I haven’t played it for about 12 years or so, I guess the only good thing about this video was to remind me how awesome it was back in the days.

Any ways, as usual I was checking todays new videos on gametrailers and I found “Rocket knight” and I thought that this was just the sega game,  converted to xbox 360/ps3. Of course not! Remake 2.5D style T_T.

I never really liked 2.5 D games. Especially not remakes of old classics that is in 2.5 D.

What the fuck konami…. What the fuck…


Bioshock 2


With a new demo of bioshock 2 being released I thought I would write about this game today. This game’s story is played out 10 years after the first installment of bioshock. Bioshock received exelent reviews when it was released and is still on the #1 spot on steam’s top rated list.

If you never played the first game it’s basically a first person shooter that allows you to use both weapons and magic powers called plasmids. The game starts out with the main character “Jack” crashing with his airplane. He swims for a lighthouse and inside there’s an elevator that takes you down to the underwater city called rapture, in the eleveator you see a movie showing the ruler of rapture: Andrew Ryan. An Irishman, Atlas, via the service radio found in the elevator, assists Jack in making his way to safety, while Ryan, believing Jack to be an agent of a surface nation, uses Rapture’s automated systems and his phermone-controlled Splicers against him. The only way to survive down in rapture is to use the magic powers called plasmids and to make you more powerful you need adam from little sisters. Getting the adam isn’t an easy task since little sisters is protected by big daddys. Big daddy’s is the most powerful enemies in the game and they won’t give you the little sisters without a fight. If you manage to kill the big daddy you can eighter harvest them for adam or you can rescue them from the sea slugs that corrupts them. Bioshock has the same story setup as half life, where you don’t know anything about anything at the start and the story builds up over time.


The biggest diffrence between bioshock and bioshock 2 is that instead of you playing as Jack you play the first big daddy ever made. This first prototype does lack some of the super strength that big daddys possess, but makes up for it with the ability to use plasmids. Just like the good o’l big daddys in the first game you have a big ass drill on your hand and a powerful rifle. You can also dual wield plasmids and weapon wich is a new feature added.

When you’re so powerful there needs to be something that you fear even more then big daddys. So the big sister was introduced. Big sister is very agile compared to big daddys and she have the ability to suck out the adam by herself so she doesn’t need little sisters. The big sister is the first little sister trying to transform into something similar to how big daddys look and is now ruling the underwater city of rapture.  She is abducting children from the coasts of the atlantic sea Her goal is to transform the children into creatures like herself.

Instead of being guided by Atlas you are guided by dr Tenenbaum, the inventor of the little sisters. She wants you to hunt the big sister down and kill her. As always you can choose to harvest a little sister to get adam but instead of rescuing her you can adopt her adn put her on the shoulder. This enables you to see adam in dead bodies you can put the little sister down to harvest for adam, while she’s harvesting you need to protect her since the splicers will try to kill her. From what i’ve seen in the demo you can combine diffrent plasmids into traps. You can also find adam in sea slug on the bottom of the sea otuside rapture, like to ones you see when you harvest a little sisters.


Overall there’s not much more to say about the game so far. The demo only revealed small parts of the story. I’m really looking forward to this game, and i’m hoping for a simultaneous pc release since I guess it’s kinda cool in the game developer league to fuck pc gamers over.

If you didn’t see the demo yet I suggest you do:

If you didn’t play the first bioshock game you have until november 30th!



Ze Olde Republic


When I hear the name of the franchise Star Wars I usually stop listening and try to ignore what ever source I heard it from. I mean, when will the franchise ever die? It has gone on for to long now. I wouldn’t be surprised if George Lucas started to sell his own shit under the name “Jedi Force Brownie”
I hate him for what he’s done to Star Wars, and Indiana Jones too for that matter.
I can really see why Trey Parker and Matt Stone ridiculed George Lucas in South Park. Pictured as he was as literally butt-fucking Indiana Jones and a Storm Trooper.



Sadly there’s still a good interest in the Star Wars franchise. Not many share my view on this. I guess it’s best to just ignore all the raping of classics and pretend it’s not happening. At least I thought so until I saw the light on the other side of the tunnel! There may be hope yet. Even though Episode One will keep existing and pollute the world with its presence there may still be something good waiting around the corner.

...or is it?

...or is it?

What I’m getting at, is the new cooperation between LucasArts and Bioware. Last year, at a private press event, they both announced their new project Star Wars: The Old Republic. An MMORPG set in the Star Wars galaxy, far, far way…
You should know that last time LucasArts and Bioware worked together they created something fantastic; they developed the game series: Knights of the Old Republic. Two games total, two awesome games cheered by fans, critiques and gaming communities world wide.
Now, this new MMO in development is going to take place 300 years after the events in Knight of the Old Republic.

The game will start as new conflicts arise between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire. Which are the two factions you will be able to choose from. Each faction has its own set of morals. Likely representing good versus evil. It’s said by the developers that each choice you make for your character is definitive. So you wont be able to change anything you do. The storyline is different for every class and also vary depending on the choices the player makes.
So far only two classes has been revealed; Bounty Hunter and Trooper. They will belong to the Sith and Republic faction respectively.


Bounty Hunter



I really like the looks of this game. If you want a game to be timeless, cellshaded graphics is the way to go. That way it’s not hard to make a beautiful game. Still judging from the pictures of The Old Republic, it really has that certain Star Wars atmosphere to it.

I don’t know about you, but this project sure has a nice cling to it. Bioware is known for doing epic games with great stories. Something feels bad about this though. The Star Wars franchise has fucked up one to many times in my opinion. Just look at what LucasArts did with Star Wars Galaxies. It was a great game to begin with, but when World of Warcraft came with its winning concept, SWG was ruined by trying to mimic WoW. After that the whole concept of Galaxies disappeared in to thin air.

Let's hope Jedi isn't a class for everyone

Let's hope Jedi isn't a class for everyone

pew pew pew

pew pew pew

I’d really like to see Star Wars Galaxies coming to live again with this interesting new MMO project.
It’d be damn cool if the possibility to choose allegiance when you want to were introduced again. Being able to be neutral and play around as an Artisan offering service to other players.
But I seriously doubt it’ll ever happen. One can only hope.

Mr. D


Champions online


Yesterday I was looking around gametrailers to check if there was something interesting. As usual most of the videos was bullshit, but then I stumbeled on to this game I never heard about. It was some lame movie showing some guys swinging around bionic commando style but something told me I should lurk more into this. So anyways I did and holy shit did I find a goldmine of win.

Champions online is an mmorpg that sticks out of the crowd in many ways, unlike the fantasy mmorpgs we’ve seen the last 5 years just copying World Of Warcraft as much as possible without Blizzard suing them. Apparently theres been 2 another similar games I missed for some reason called “city of heroes/villains” also developed by cryptic studios. Champions is built around the same concept, make your own superhero and kick some ass.


What makes this game unique compared to other mmorpgs is that you have so much more saying in how your character will look like and how you play it. You create a character with your own designed superhero costume, the powers you want them to have and even your own nemesis. This does scap the need for special classes to do pve/pvp encounters wich I think is very nice. There seems to be an endless amount of diffrent combinations of powers. Shooting ice/fire/lightning, using super strength and building little robots to fight for you is just a few. Instead of the usual mounts in games you use travel powers like flying, swinging like spiderman, superspeed and teleportation just to name a few of them.

I had to ask around on thier irc and forums to find out about how the endgame pve was. If I got this correctly there will be daily missions which could be anything from burning buildings, giant robots, to taking down a crime syndicate. There seems to be alot that can be done solo but my guess is that there will be alot of missions that will require you to be in a group with bosses to kill etc.


I didnt get to know alot from the pvp part of the game  but this is what a big fan of the game said. Dome heroes are on the side of the prison guards in a breakout scenario, and some are on the side of the prisoners trying to escape, he said this is to prepare you for if the prisoners ever staged a breakout as well as if you ever got unjustly thrown in jail.

The combat seems rather simple for an mmorpg since you can play the whole game on your xbox 360. What champions online is trying to do is to make the game more like an actiongame rather than keeping the good olé “hit you hit me hit you” wich mmos usually does. They introduce blocking and dodging into the game so the gameplay will feel alot like being a superhero. Is this hit or shit? I dont really know, I like the idea but latency may be a problem in this case.

The missions is based around your regular superhero stories. Saving helpless civilians from aliens, villains or something similar. Theres not I can say about the missions at the moment but I guess there will be alot of events like this thoughout the game.


You create a nemesis like you create you hero, you pick his power framework, costume, and how his minions look. Then you give him a personality and motivation. after that he randomly appears in missions and his minions will ambush you in the open until you defeat him for good. The nemesis creation will be avalible around level 30+ (level cap is 50 by the way).

This was just a quick look at Champions online. There is so much to say about the freedom and I really couldn’t fit it all into one post. I’m super hyped for this and I hope you’ll check it out too.

More info and  you can sign up for the beta on the main page:

More Screenshots found at:


Thank you for reading



Open Pandoras Box, Hope For Gaming

Zeus created Pandora and gave her a jar. She was specifically told not to open it, but Zeus had ironically gifted Pandora with curiosity. Ultimately she opened the jar and all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind hadn’t known about before, was unleashed from the jar.
Lastly there was only one good thing that escaped Pandoras jar, and there was hope.

Hope for a new handheld to hit the stores! Hurray! Now let’s cut the crap and skip to the chase. I want to focus your attention on OpenPandora. A handheld open source video game console with great capabilities. The development of Pandora started since the GP2X system ceased production.

The GP2X developed by the Korean company GamePark was commonly used to run emulators for game consoles. Usually Neo Geo, Sega Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, NES, PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, MAME and others.





Now Pandora is like the GP2X but even more. It is a hybrid of a UMPC, PDA and handheld video game system. It is said to be more powerful than the Nintendo DS and the PSP. There’s already shown working emulators for PlayStation, Amiga, Super NES, Atari Jaguar and Sega Mega Drive software by the Pandora developers. Which is amazing. Like having a collection of the best games ever in a tiny, tiny UMPC. It’s only natural this got my attention. I just love being able to carry around games in my pocket.

By default the Pandora will feature a Linux-OS based on Ångström and Matchbox window manager. Which are both designed for mobile devices. You will be able to custom the themes, but it’s limited to the device requirements. You navigate the interface with a touchscreen and a stylus. Pretty similar to the Nintendo DS. There’s also the possibility to install other Linux-distributions, like Ubuntu.

Here’s a demo of a prototype of the Pandora:

You’ll be able to store up to 64gigabytes of software thanks to the SDHC slots. That is a great feature. I would dare calling this the ultimate portable gaming device to date. One more thing, the Pandora is said to cost less than what the PSP and the DS does today. I will most definitely buy one, what about you?

Pandora official:
/Mr. D


Gyakuten Kenji – Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor

Console: Nintendo DS

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the Phoenix Wright -series. It’s such a surrealistic series of games yet based on real-life trials and investigations. Now theese games tend to run far away from reality. Take for instance the fact that a 24 years old defense-attorney goes on investigations with an 17 years old assistant with spiritual powers. Sometimes even with a 9 year old spirit medium! Occasionally you get help from from the spirit of Phoenix Wrights dead mentor while in trial. The judge is pretty stupid and the prosecutors always seem evil and determined to win at all cost.


Gyakuten Kenji

Enough about Phoenix Wright now. I wanted to highlight another game which hasn’t hit the stores yet; Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor. In this game instead of playing the part as a defense-attorney you take on the role as a prosecutor. Now I can’t really say if this game is going to hit stores outside of Japan, but I surely hope so.

The official name of the game is Gyakuten Kenji and will be avaible in Japanese stores May 28 this year. This will be a spin-off on the original series and take place at approximately the same time as Phoenix Wright 3. Instead of the text-based gameplay as in the previous games Perfect Prosecutor will be a “point-and-click” adventure. The main protagonist is of course Miles Edgeworth and his assistance will be Dick Gumeshoe. Both occurring in the previous games of the series.


From what I’ve read the main objective will be to gather evidence for different cases. You will interact with objects and people to progress in the story. There will be a “Investigation Log” so that you can look back at what you have gathered so far. Now in my humble opinion, playing as Edgeworth will be a nice turnaround. I always thought him to be the coolest character in the previous games. He was the cold, logical type who in the end claimed the truth as the most important aspect in trials.

Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor might not be purchasable tomorrow, but it’s sure worth the wait. I just hope it wont be canceled.

/Mr. D


Starting the page up.. Again…

After deciding what name we would use for our blog we started the blog… again.

Anyways more info and alot of stuff about games coming up stay tuned

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