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iphone: Dance Dance Revolution Shake


Today i’ve checked out some iphone games, some that sounded very promising but was shit and the other way around. This was one of those games I didn’t have any hope at all for but hey, im a big stepmania fan so I had to try it out. I played alot of ddr/stepmania in my days so I always tried the games that was kinda ddr similar on handhelds, but they all failed to deliver something even close to the original.

But when I started playing this one it kinda felt good. Nice graphics, developed by konami, good music and decent controls. This had it all. So as usual I am going to assume you never played or heard about Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and im going to tell you about it. DDR is a dance simulation game where you see arrows going upwards on the screen. On top of the screen theres hollow arrows and you need to press the direction on the controller of you choosing when the arrow fills up the hollow space. You need to listen to the rythm of the music if you wanna get the best grading since visuals isn’t really going to help you there. I could aswell just give you a screenshot down here to show you:


So anyways back to the iphone version. As I said this game was released by konami themselves (the makes of ddr) so it does have a high quality feel to it. There is 4 characters from the start, 11 songs and 2 modes to play in. When you progress you unlock new content thoughout the game, one being a new mode where you can switch the speeds of the songs. I never figured out the pattern really, sometimes I got stuff sometimes I didn’t, im pretty sure there is a system but I don’t really know.

The songs is very important in a music game and this one keeps the standards of the DDR series and deliver a very pleasant veriety of j-popy songs. The difficulty of the songs differs from 2 foot up to 13 foot, wich is very nice even for the hardcore players like myself.  I was very afraid this game was going to be too easy but it takes a while to get used to the controls. You press the arrows on a little transparent panel at the bottom of the screen that represents a dance mat. Sometimes I screwed up because you didn’t feel the actual buttons you where pressing but it’s just a matter of practice and patience. The graphics is almost the same as the ps games, with a character dancing in the background. Only complaint is the occasional fps lag that can be devestating to your combos.


This game introduced a new game mode called “Shake-mode” but it’s just painfully boring and there’s only one song avalible. You shake the iphone in the right direction with the right timing. Maybe this would be something worthwile if you had more than a intro song explaining how to do it. Might be something that they are adding in a later patch tho.

Overall: If you like stepmania or dance dance revolution it’s really worth it! It is offered at a pretty high price though so if you dont know if you like games like this I recommendthe LITE version offered free at itunes. This is the best DDR handheld out there right now. Bust a move bro!




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