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Audio review: The world ends with you

Well as always sony vegas fucked me over and wouldnt render the video for this project. Im just going to release this review as an english spoken review in audio. I will be on the lookout for a better editing application.

Anyways back the my review. This was just a test if I could handle the podcast in english and it was kinda so-so. It’s very short and I had to record it in 2 diffrent parts.Almost no editing involved.

It’s just to keep you guys busy while im setting up the studio thingie for the podcast

The world ends with you review

Heres some gameplay videos 🙂



The Ultimate Gamer

First off, Scott Ramsoomair over at VGCats, thank you for years of fun. I’ve been a fan for many years and will be for many more. Which brings me to your latest comic. As usual, it’s flawless. But what bothers me is the subject of the comic.

I have no idea where the Sci-Fi Channel got this idea from but I guess they’re trying to aim for… well the same type of audience but still broaden it maybe.

Sci-Fi Channel in co-op with the World Cyber Games and their sponsor, Samsung, have created a show that will determine who among the competitors will earn the right to title themselves, The Ultimate Gamer.

Now what disturbs me about this is, as Scott Ramsoomair says, is that gamers are now, trendy. I mean wtf. We’ve been social outcasts for all of our lives because of what we love and now all of a sudden we’ve become the one thing that we hate. Trendy.

And the games that they’re playing aren’t really what I would call, games that, if you master them, would earn you the title of Ultimate Gamer. I mean come on. Rock Band, Virtua Fighter 5, Halo 3 and Project Gotham Racing? Games a 5-year old could master. Put them to the test against the classics instead.

Speedrun Super Mario Bros.

Mega Man 2 with only one life. A game that, according to me, still has the best soundtrack ever.

Or why not a perfect game on Tetris or Pac-Man?

Those are feats that would indeed in my eyes earn you some sort of title… Not Ultimate Gamer, butatleast a title.

Ultimate Gamer… bleh, both you and I know that there will never be, an Ultimate Gamer. WE know… but they don’t.

Another thing that has disturbed me for many years now is what games have become. Nice graphics and quirkie gimmics. What ever happened to the difficulty and “gameplay”. The Mega Man/Rock Man series pushed 6 games for the NES with the same graphics. The great success of it all? The games were difficult. It looks like shit, even by NES standards, and it didn’t have anymore new gimmics other than the new weapons you gain after you defeat a RobotMaster. Games were so much better in the old days.

I’d like to thank Scott Ramsoomair over at VgCats for giving me the subject for this rant. And at the same time I encourage you all to head over to and read his comics and his newsrants.


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