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PSP Go Impressions


The market hasn’t treated the PSP too well. Compared to the NDS it has superior hardware, but if you take a look at the sales rate the NDS has double the sales of the PSP.
What gives the DS an advantage over the PSP is that it has a broader selection of games and is cheaper to buy. It’s easier to chip it too. Any average Joe is able to buy a flash card and just download all NDS games for free.
It doesn’t mater that the PSP has alot of cool multimedia features. The games hasn’t lived up to the potential of the PSP. It was a nice gadget to begin with, but in the end it just got boring and those UMD cartridges wasn’t convenient enough.


Now that Sony has revealed the PSP Go, we can only hope that the handheld market will give it a better try. There’s lots of reason why the PSP Go will do better than the previous versions. First off it’s more compact and it has 8GB to 16GB of built-in flash memory. It has a total capacity of 32GB.
It weighs about 40 percent less than the PSP-3000 and despite that it has a smaller screen it will have the same resolution and probably play even better.
The best feature though is that instead of running UMD discs all media will be downloadable. That will make it much more convenient as an handheld. Sony will make it so that you can download the content of all UMD discs you’ve already bought.

PSP Go open

PSP Go open

This is a good move from Sony’s side, since downloadable games sell better. Just take a look at how well Steam is doing. It’s a good way to avoid piracy, though it won’t nullify it. Buyers want it easy and like to be able to have their collection at one place.
The only downside I can see with the PSP Go is the price, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Anyway, one more thing that will make sure to sell the PSP Go is the upcoming games. Big titles like Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker will surely draw attention to the handheld.
What I hope for is that Sony make it easier for third part and independent developers to publish games on the PSN store.

/Dallas (previously Mr. D)


Review: Soma Bringer


Soma Bringer is a hack and slash RPG for the DS. Developed by Monolith Soft, behind the fairly known RPG-series Xenogear. Soma Bringer was released in Japan in February 2008, but sadly there’s hasn’t been any word suggesting that it will be released anywhere else. It’s one of those Japanese games that hasn’t made it to the western market. It’s pretty strange though, since this is a really solid game. It received good reviews in Japan and sold about 51,000 units initially.

Soma Bringer1

Soma Bringer takes place in a world where an energy called Soma drives all technology and the daily lives of the Inhabitants. In this world lies the huge continent Barnea and recently the Soma balance as been disrupted. This causes monsters called Visitors to appear and terrorizing people. That’s where you come in. You play as soldier of an Visitor hunter organization called Secundady.
Your main quest is to help the people get rid of Visitors, but you end up getting you self involved in a much more harder mission. It seems that some evil force wants to bring an final end to the human world. Now you, together with your allies are the only ones who can save Barnea from destruction.

A Battle with wolfs

A Battle with wolfs

The gameplay in Soma Bringer is almost exactly as in Diablo. You pick a character and class, then you get in to the adventure where two team-mates hook up with you. You hack and slash the enemies with different spells and attacks. While you level up you can build talent trees to get better attacks/spells and boost certain abilities.
When you kill monsters some of them drop chests which you can loot for better gear and money. When you encounter rare monsters you get better drops and boss-fights gives you rare drops. Just like in Diablo the monsters re-spawn after you restart the game. So if you want to go on a grind-run, that’s an easy cake.
The boss fights are the most interesting in Soma Bringer, since they give a great challenge. You really need to check your tactics to get them down. Some rare bosses are so hard you’ll have to fight them later when you leveled up some more.

A boss battle

A boss battle

The gear you pick up has different colors depending on the rareness and the quality. Some even belongs to a set. Now there’s another similarity to the Diablo gameplay.
But wait, it doesn’t stop there. You can put gems in your gear to make it stronger and boost your skillpoints. You can even combine the gems to get higher leveled gems.
For every level you get some AP (Attack Points) and CP (Character Points) which you can spend to boost your stats and as mentioned build a talent tree.

Character Select

Character Select

The battlesystem is simple. You use X, Y, A, B for the attacks you have assigned. Then you make sure you got a target in front of you or just press one button until you see a red marker on your target.
Then just hack and slash away.
But to add some to the battlesystem there has been introduced a break system which gives you the possibility to stun your target for some time. This happens when you continually hit your target.
There will first be one (!) then two (!!) and lastly three (!!!) which shows a successful break.

Chest looting and break points

Chest looting and break points

You might think that a game that almost ripped everything from Diablo should be bad. In my opinion this is one hell of game. The story is simple and easy to understand. The character are pretty cool and the battles are kickass. One thing that really makes me happy while playing this game is that there’s no use of the stylus. The DS stylus should not be overused just because it’s there.
Well anyway, it’s easy to like this game when it’s so simple to get in to. It’s not the best game in the world, but it sure is fun.

The sad truth is that it’s only released in Japanese, but you can get a patch with a translation if you use chip. So that’s the only tips I can give you. I wont give you a link our anything.
You should absolutely play this game.

/Mr. D


Audio review: The world ends with you

Well as always sony vegas fucked me over and wouldnt render the video for this project. Im just going to release this review as an english spoken review in audio. I will be on the lookout for a better editing application.

Anyways back the my review. This was just a test if I could handle the podcast in english and it was kinda so-so. It’s very short and I had to record it in 2 diffrent parts.Almost no editing involved.

It’s just to keep you guys busy while im setting up the studio thingie for the podcast

The world ends with you review

Heres some gameplay videos 🙂



iphone gaming

We’ve all seen the shitty mobile phone games out there, most of them are crap and is too pricey. iPhone seems to break the chains with the powerful technology it hauls, and some of the games getting released is something  that actually resembles real games(!!!). Yes this all sounds crazy, I know but hear me out. If I understand this the right way, it’s very cheap to make games for this device since apple themselves released  some program to make it easier for the developers. The apps then gets approved by apple and you can buy the game or whatever on itunes. Thats why the games you get is somewhat cheap, easy to get and most of the games are ripoffs of popular games like gta.

I myself own a iphone and my apps where getting a bit old, since it’s been about 5 months since I last updated and got some new apps. When I got on itunes store I was shocked! Assasin’s creed and Metal gear was avalible as games. The games wasn’t halfbad eighter. Sure metal gear was just snake shooting at robots sitting behind a rock wall, but Assassin’s creed was pretty much what the console version was but with toned down graphics of course. Thats when it stuck me, do we consider iphone as a handheld gaming device now? I even saw Resident evil getting made by capcom themselves for this phone.

I though I would take a quick look at titles that somewhat interested me and i’ll tell you how my experince was.

Car Jack Streets

A game where you play as a guy called frank. You steal cars and shoot random people in a birds eye view. Yes you guessed it. This is GTA 2 with some other name and story slapped all over it. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing since the iphone doesn’t offer GTA. The controls could be better but I guess its the best solution with the touchscreen and everything. So if you like GTA you need to have this game since it’s really cheap.


Zombieville usa

Zombieville is pretty much what you would expect from the name, you’re in a village and you kill zombies. Nothing too advanced here, you can buy guns from money you collect, get ammo in houses and the goal of the game is too kill as many zombies as possible. Controls in this game is very tight due to its simplicty. Great game, it has that addiction feeling to it.


Wolfenstein 3d classic

Two words: “Hell yes”. Bringing this game back was the best idea ever. Everything is perfect about this game. If you never played this game, shame on you!


Assassin’s creed

As I mentioned before this game offers almost the same gameplay as the console version. Fighting is very nice in this game but climbing can get a bit annoying due to its silly limitations with the touchscreen. The graphics is very beutiful for a mobile phone game. This game beats the DS version by ALOT.


Cooking mama

If you played cooking mama before you know what to expect. Some girl that could well be in her teenages calling herself “mama” teaches you how to cook with fun minigames. It’s the same as the DS version of the game. You cut, peel, fry and do other cooking stuff and like this was hell’s kitchen she judges you because she’s a bitch and won’t accept failure. Since the iPhone has additional features like shaking. This was also implemented in the game.



When you play this game you get the same feeling as when you play tetris, you dont really know why you like it, but it sure as hell keeps you interested. Very simple graphics and gameplay. You control balls wich I would supposed would be stars. With theese balls you need to create supernovas  by dragging the balls into fields. To make the game harder theres two diffrent colors that cant touch eachother. At first you just need to add the balls toghether until they’re big enough to fit in the fields, but later you need to both split them and add them toghether to fit them in all fields. I greatly recommend this game.


Watchmen: Justice is Coming

You ever played a game that just sucked so much you feel dirty afterwards? This game is the worst attempt at an mmorpg I ever seen, and I played my share of free mmorpgs in my time. Just don’t buy this game, not even if they offer you this game at no cost with some free ice cream. I just got disconnected randomly. If you try to fight somebody they eighter disconnect or they leave halfway into the battle. I feel kinda raped since I love the watchmen comic


iPhone do have alot of games to offer, and alot of them is very fun to play. It isn’t really at DS or PSP level just yet but the games seems to improve really fast and alot of developers is jumping on the train. If you dont own an iPhone you shouldn’t buy it to play games on it, but if you’re one of the lucky ones to own one, check some games out.

Here’s some other games I checked out and enjoyed:

Airport mania: First flight – Control an airport. Fun sim game

Playman Track & Field – Very simple sport game, similar to the old nes classic track and field

Myst – A remake of the old adventure game for the PC

Metal gear solid touch – point and shoot game, does ad some of the story to the metal gear series.

Fieldrunners – Towerdefence game building towers ‘n shit, you know the drill.

Hero of sparta – Really good ripoff if you will of the god of war series. a must get for fans like myself.

Character – Its not really a game but it sure is game reladed. Show off your e-penis to your friends without a computer. WoW armory tool to watch gear and stuff.

Heres a trailer of some sweet rpg game

Thats all thanks for reading



Open Pandoras Box, Hope For Gaming

Zeus created Pandora and gave her a jar. She was specifically told not to open it, but Zeus had ironically gifted Pandora with curiosity. Ultimately she opened the jar and all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind hadn’t known about before, was unleashed from the jar.
Lastly there was only one good thing that escaped Pandoras jar, and there was hope.

Hope for a new handheld to hit the stores! Hurray! Now let’s cut the crap and skip to the chase. I want to focus your attention on OpenPandora. A handheld open source video game console with great capabilities. The development of Pandora started since the GP2X system ceased production.

The GP2X developed by the Korean company GamePark was commonly used to run emulators for game consoles. Usually Neo Geo, Sega Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, NES, PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, MAME and others.





Now Pandora is like the GP2X but even more. It is a hybrid of a UMPC, PDA and handheld video game system. It is said to be more powerful than the Nintendo DS and the PSP. There’s already shown working emulators for PlayStation, Amiga, Super NES, Atari Jaguar and Sega Mega Drive software by the Pandora developers. Which is amazing. Like having a collection of the best games ever in a tiny, tiny UMPC. It’s only natural this got my attention. I just love being able to carry around games in my pocket.

By default the Pandora will feature a Linux-OS based on Ă…ngström and Matchbox window manager. Which are both designed for mobile devices. You will be able to custom the themes, but it’s limited to the device requirements. You navigate the interface with a touchscreen and a stylus. Pretty similar to the Nintendo DS. There’s also the possibility to install other Linux-distributions, like Ubuntu.

Here’s a demo of a prototype of the Pandora:

You’ll be able to store up to 64gigabytes of software thanks to the SDHC slots. That is a great feature. I would dare calling this the ultimate portable gaming device to date. One more thing, the Pandora is said to cost less than what the PSP and the DS does today. I will most definitely buy one, what about you?

Pandora official:
/Mr. D


Gyakuten Kenji – Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor

Console: Nintendo DS

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the Phoenix Wright -series. It’s such a surrealistic series of games yet based on real-life trials and investigations. Now theese games tend to run far away from reality. Take for instance the fact that a 24 years old defense-attorney goes on investigations with an 17 years old assistant with spiritual powers. Sometimes even with a 9 year old spirit medium! Occasionally you get help from from the spirit of Phoenix Wrights dead mentor while in trial. The judge is pretty stupid and the prosecutors always seem evil and determined to win at all cost.


Gyakuten Kenji

Enough about Phoenix Wright now. I wanted to highlight another game which hasn’t hit the stores yet; Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor. In this game instead of playing the part as a defense-attorney you take on the role as a prosecutor. Now I can’t really say if this game is going to hit stores outside of Japan, but I surely hope so.

The official name of the game is Gyakuten Kenji and will be avaible in Japanese stores May 28 this year. This will be a spin-off on the original series and take place at approximately the same time as Phoenix Wright 3. Instead of the text-based gameplay as in the previous games Perfect Prosecutor will be a “point-and-click” adventure. The main protagonist is of course Miles Edgeworth and his assistance will be Dick Gumeshoe. Both occurring in the previous games of the series.


From what I’ve read the main objective will be to gather evidence for different cases. You will interact with objects and people to progress in the story. There will be a “Investigation Log” so that you can look back at what you have gathered so far. Now in my humble opinion, playing as Edgeworth will be a nice turnaround. I always thought him to be the coolest character in the previous games. He was the cold, logical type who in the end claimed the truth as the most important aspect in trials.

Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor might not be purchasable tomorrow, but it’s sure worth the wait. I just hope it wont be canceled.

/Mr. D

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