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Brütal Legend

There’s nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you’re gonna eat it
– Jack Black

Maybe you can’t prepare yourself to rock, but at least get ready for Rocktober! The month when Brutal Legend is up for release.
Brutal Legend is a upcoming action-adventure game and the mastermind designer behind it is none other than Tim Schafer. The man who brought us Psychonauts, Grim Fandago and the first two Monkey Island games.

You play as Eddie Riggs, the worlds best roadie for the worlds worst Heavy Metal band. Eddie is accidentally brought into a fantasy world after bleeding on his cursed belt buckle. Which is actually a amulet for Ormagöden, “The Fire Beast, Creamator of the Sky, and Destroyer of the Ancient World”.
The fantasy world Eddie Riggs is transported to is inspired by Heavy Metal posters and it’s in that world where the whole story takes place.


Brutal Legend will be in third-person in an open world, apparently 64km2 according to Tim Schafer. As mentioned you play as Eddie, but here comes the funny part; Eddie is voiced by Jack Black. Yes, the comedian rockstar! I personally think it’s an awesome feature to the game. Don’t you just love Tenacious D and Pick of Destiny?
Anyway, as Eddie you will have three different tools to choose from. One is a broadaxe named “The Separater”, another one is Eddies guitar “Clementine” with magical powers within the Heavy Metal world. Lastly there is a Hot Rod named “The Deuce” which Eddie builds for himself.
As you progress you will be able to upgrade these three tools and their abilities.

With that it’s up to you to fight of the evil in the Heavy Metal world and save your love and the human world from being destroyed. A awesome concept for a game and I can’t wait for it to hit the stores.
Jack Black, Heavy Metal and a crazy fantasy world filled with evil. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?
Another thing I like about this upcoming game is the graphics. It has more of a childish look to it. That shows that Brutal Legend isn’t some radical metal game for hard-rockers only. That gives the game some self distance. There will probably be a lot of humor too for that matter.

Let’s rock like there’s no tomorrow in Rocktober!

/Mr. D


Bioshock 2


With a new demo of bioshock 2 being released I thought I would write about this game today. This game’s story is played out 10 years after the first installment of bioshock. Bioshock received exelent reviews when it was released and is still on the #1 spot on steam’s top rated list.

If you never played the first game it’s basically a first person shooter that allows you to use both weapons and magic powers called plasmids. The game starts out with the main character “Jack” crashing with his airplane. He swims for a lighthouse and inside there’s an elevator that takes you down to the underwater city called rapture, in the eleveator you see a movie showing the ruler of rapture: Andrew Ryan. An Irishman, Atlas, via the service radio found in the elevator, assists Jack in making his way to safety, while Ryan, believing Jack to be an agent of a surface nation, uses Rapture’s automated systems and his phermone-controlled Splicers against him. The only way to survive down in rapture is to use the magic powers called plasmids and to make you more powerful you need adam from little sisters. Getting the adam isn’t an easy task since little sisters is protected by big daddys. Big daddy’s is the most powerful enemies in the game and they won’t give you the little sisters without a fight. If you manage to kill the big daddy you can eighter harvest them for adam or you can rescue them from the sea slugs that corrupts them. Bioshock has the same story setup as half life, where you don’t know anything about anything at the start and the story builds up over time.


The biggest diffrence between bioshock and bioshock 2 is that instead of you playing as Jack you play the first big daddy ever made. This first prototype does lack some of the super strength that big daddys possess, but makes up for it with the ability to use plasmids. Just like the good o’l big daddys in the first game you have a big ass drill on your hand and a powerful rifle. You can also dual wield plasmids and weapon wich is a new feature added.

When you’re so powerful there needs to be something that you fear even more then big daddys. So the big sister was introduced. Big sister is very agile compared to big daddys and she have the ability to suck out the adam by herself so she doesn’t need little sisters. The big sister is the first little sister trying to transform into something similar to how big daddys look and is now ruling the underwater city of rapture.  She is abducting children from the coasts of the atlantic sea Her goal is to transform the children into creatures like herself.

Instead of being guided by Atlas you are guided by dr Tenenbaum, the inventor of the little sisters. She wants you to hunt the big sister down and kill her. As always you can choose to harvest a little sister to get adam but instead of rescuing her you can adopt her adn put her on the shoulder. This enables you to see adam in dead bodies you can put the little sister down to harvest for adam, while she’s harvesting you need to protect her since the splicers will try to kill her. From what i’ve seen in the demo you can combine diffrent plasmids into traps. You can also find adam in sea slug on the bottom of the sea otuside rapture, like to ones you see when you harvest a little sisters.


Overall there’s not much more to say about the game so far. The demo only revealed small parts of the story. I’m really looking forward to this game, and i’m hoping for a simultaneous pc release since I guess it’s kinda cool in the game developer league to fuck pc gamers over.

If you didn’t see the demo yet I suggest you do:

If you didn’t play the first bioshock game you have until november 30th!



Champions online


Yesterday I was looking around gametrailers to check if there was something interesting. As usual most of the videos was bullshit, but then I stumbeled on to this game I never heard about. It was some lame movie showing some guys swinging around bionic commando style but something told me I should lurk more into this. So anyways I did and holy shit did I find a goldmine of win.

Champions online is an mmorpg that sticks out of the crowd in many ways, unlike the fantasy mmorpgs we’ve seen the last 5 years just copying World Of Warcraft as much as possible without Blizzard suing them. Apparently theres been 2 another similar games I missed for some reason called “city of heroes/villains” also developed by cryptic studios. Champions is built around the same concept, make your own superhero and kick some ass.


What makes this game unique compared to other mmorpgs is that you have so much more saying in how your character will look like and how you play it. You create a character with your own designed superhero costume, the powers you want them to have and even your own nemesis. This does scap the need for special classes to do pve/pvp encounters wich I think is very nice. There seems to be an endless amount of diffrent combinations of powers. Shooting ice/fire/lightning, using super strength and building little robots to fight for you is just a few. Instead of the usual mounts in games you use travel powers like flying, swinging like spiderman, superspeed and teleportation just to name a few of them.

I had to ask around on thier irc and forums to find out about how the endgame pve was. If I got this correctly there will be daily missions which could be anything from burning buildings, giant robots, to taking down a crime syndicate. There seems to be alot that can be done solo but my guess is that there will be alot of missions that will require you to be in a group with bosses to kill etc.


I didnt get to know alot from the pvp part of the game  but this is what a big fan of the game said. Dome heroes are on the side of the prison guards in a breakout scenario, and some are on the side of the prisoners trying to escape, he said this is to prepare you for if the prisoners ever staged a breakout as well as if you ever got unjustly thrown in jail.

The combat seems rather simple for an mmorpg since you can play the whole game on your xbox 360. What champions online is trying to do is to make the game more like an actiongame rather than keeping the good olé “hit you hit me hit you” wich mmos usually does. They introduce blocking and dodging into the game so the gameplay will feel alot like being a superhero. Is this hit or shit? I dont really know, I like the idea but latency may be a problem in this case.

The missions is based around your regular superhero stories. Saving helpless civilians from aliens, villains or something similar. Theres not I can say about the missions at the moment but I guess there will be alot of events like this thoughout the game.


You create a nemesis like you create you hero, you pick his power framework, costume, and how his minions look. Then you give him a personality and motivation. after that he randomly appears in missions and his minions will ambush you in the open until you defeat him for good. The nemesis creation will be avalible around level 30+ (level cap is 50 by the way).

This was just a quick look at Champions online. There is so much to say about the freedom and I really couldn’t fit it all into one post. I’m super hyped for this and I hope you’ll check it out too.

More info and  you can sign up for the beta on the main page:

More Screenshots found at:


Thank you for reading



Three Cheers For Playstation 2


Out of all the video game consoles out there, the most successful of all time must be the Playstation 2. It has sold about 140 million units worldwide which make it the best-selling video game console ever. Now, It’s not part of the new generation of consoles, but it’s still selling. What’s even more impressive is that there is still new games being developed for it. I dare say Sony would probably be better off to cease production of the PS3 and develop a better line of the PS2. The Playstation 3 has just been a big loss for them so far, since it’s so expensive, very few buy it.


The original design of the PS2

Back to the case: how could such an old system like the PS2 still be so popular? For starters it’s cheap, but that can’t be the only reason right? No it really isn’t, because back in 2000 when the system was launched, it had retail problems. This made it expensive, not because the retailers had a high price. No, it was on eBay the PS2 was expensive. Some even paid thousands of dollars for it. So the cheap price of today has only recently increased its popularity.

Probably one of the key reasons why the PS2 was so popular at launch was that the PS1 had such a great success. That meant that Sony already had a great fan base. What’s more, the PS2 has backward compatibility with the PS1 games. So you can still play your old favorites on it. That along with the fan base made it a sure best-seller to begin with.
Since the PS1 already had a great deal of games to offer. The buyers had lots of old games to play while waiting for the PS2 to get a real install base.

Another major break for the system is the fact that Sony made it easy for game developers with development kits. This got the game-market to explode with new games. Some may have been bad, but along came what we today call classics. It was a piece of cake for the PS2 to win the console war since it was launched a year before its competitors: Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Gamcube. Both Xbox and Gamecube suffered from poor selling because of having less games available compared to the PS2.

But why is it still alive today? Microsoft ceased production of the Xbox back in 2006 and Nintendo did it one year later. The PS2 is still in production! It’s still alive and kicking! I find this admirable. Now that the seventh generation of video game consoles is in full production. It’s a harsh time for the PS2. You might think so, but actually no. The system sells as good as ever. It’s not hard to see why. There are so many great games for the PS2 – that includes the old school PS1 games – and it costs almost nothing! It’s even cheaper than the Wii and if you ask me, it’s better.

So to end this blogentry nicely, I salute you Playstation 2, the best video game console ever!
My years with you has been loads of fun and it will continue to please my gaming-needs for several years to come.

/Mr. D


A quick look on Singularity

Yesterday they released a new trailer on Singularity, wich reminded me how awesome this game will be!

For you guys who never heard about this game its an FPS very much like Half Life 2 wich will be released on PC, xbox 360 and PS3, and it all revolves about the TMD (Time manipulation device). What it does is just what you think, it  manipulates time.

The TMD has alot in common with the gravity gun from HL2 with the most interesting features being:

Revert: This allows the player to rewind an object or human backwards in time. It can be used to repair broken walkways to a new state, revert an empty barrel of oil to a full one. Using it on humans does not, as logic would dictate, revert them to helpless children or infants, or even an agonizing death as they dwindle to mere sperm-and-egg – rather, it reverts them to a contrived ‘placental state’, presumably because it was less work for the artists to merely use the existing character models and plaster some goop over them than rendering the aforementioned transformations.

Age: This allows the player to fast-forward an object or human through time. It can turn a crate that a group of enemies are using for cover into rotted wood, or turn an iron fence blocking your path into a pile of rust. Using this on an enemy will result in them quickly aging until they are nothing more than bones and dust. Upgrading this causes your targets to age faster.

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 1

It also works like the gravity gun like picking up stuff and using a stasis field to stop time and hold activated granades.

Sounds fucking epic to me =)!

The story is based around Nate Renko who is an air force pilot investigating the island “katorga 12” only to crash land and wake up with the TMD on his arm. The goal is to stop the singularity, wich I dont really know what it is. I just know that it happened 1950 (May be based around this : .

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 2

Everything about this game looks very promising, not too much story, not too linear and not too confusing either. I really love the “fuck-with-physics-weapons” like with the gravity gun and the portal gun. So im pretty sure this game is worth atleast one playthrough just to have fun with the TMD.

Multiplayer has been announced but nothing about how it will work. Looking forward to that too.

Here’s the trailer:


Enter the Razz

Well then, I guess that an introduction would be appropriate.

I’m Razz, currently 23years old and as I see it, the old guy in the group. And as the old guy it’s in my nature to be bitter and whiny about most stuff. See me as a young Andy Rooney with a touch of AVGN.

Currently unemployed but going for Chefstatus IRL and in World of Warcraft. Yes, I play World of Warcraft. Being unemployed I’ve found myself having to much spare time and nothing to do after my daily workout… Yes, I work out to. I’m the gamer personified and unpersonified in one.

Anyway, my earliest memory of gaming comes from the … I guess it is the 80’s actually. Dad brought home a Commodore 64.  The one single item in the world that makes me happy by just looking at it. Unfortunaetly it only brings me sad memories because as stupid as I was back then, I wanted a NES. Yes, I was young, dumb and naive and I really wanted a NES. Did I get one? Of course I did… what kid didn’t have a NES in his room at that time? If you haven’t you must’ve had a fucked up childhood my friend. Well, my uncle who was the one who really introduced me to the whole gaming scene bought himself a SNES as soon as it was out. And about 6months later I inherited it by christmas. I was the happiest boy in the world. The fact that he only had three games at the time didn’t bother me at all. I had an SNES and I couldn’t have been happier.

And here I am today. Sure times have changed, after the SNES came the playstation which I didn’t buy until 1998 or something like that. Later the PS2 came and is still the latest console I have. That’s right, I don’t have and have never owned a N64 (even though it came earlier) XBOX, XBOX360 or a PS3.  And I still think that SNES is the best console gaming system in the world. But the best game in world, is undoubtedly Bubble Bobble for NES. Why? I’ll explain at a later time.

Hopefully, I’ll be the one bringing you rants about the retrogamingscene from the 80-90’s since that’s really where my big area of expertise lies.

Anyways, thank you for reading this small introduction about myself. I promise you all that the next post won’t be as focused on myself but on what you’re here for.  Games.


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