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DJ hero


I loved guitar hero back in the days. The concept was amazing! Rip off Guitar freaks right off and say that you came up with the idea yourself! Now instead of ripping off rockband again activision decided that it’s time to come up with something original and the result is pretty amazing.

DJ hero is what you would expect if you ever played guitar hero. Just put down your controller on the table and pretend you’re a DJ. While the controller is far more complex this time around it’s fairly easy to learn. After you’re done with the tutorial (wich they force you to play) you can easily go out there and play the songs.

Oh yeah, the songs. Since it’s a music game it’s all about the songs. Unlike the guitar hero games after the 3rd, this game have a decent supply of songs. Most of the songs fall into the categories hip hop or electronic music, there’s a couple of pop songs thrown in there to keep the casuals happy.

When I tell people that I own DJ hero the most common questions are about the controller. It does feel like a piece of plastic, but the disc is wighted down and feel somewhat real. The buttons on the disc feels pretty good too, but I would expect more from the crossfader. The crossfader feels completely different from a real crossfader. First things first, there seems to be some kind of game bug. The crossfader goes haywire at random, and i´m not the only one with this problem and it snaps in the middle. I found this sort of annoying while doing fast switches from left to right or right to left.


I found the online play very random too. Sometimes im up against total idiots that can’t play for two shits, and sometimes I go up against people that 5 star everything. It definitely needs some kind of ranking system with matchups.

I like this game a lot. The price tag was breathtaking at 1199 SEK (119 USD) but the well build controller and amount of songs makes up for it. Too bad a new controller costs about the same as the controller+the game because then it won´t be as appealing as a party game anymore.


If you have a lot of money that you can spend or just want to pretend DJ you should buy this.

ps. You can play as Daft Punk which is a plus in my book.

Oh yeah and add me on PSN: “miniakira” and i’ll beat your ass online.


Short note: Why oh why!?


Rocket knight adventures, one of the best game on sega genesis, sadly was raped by the “let’s make 10 shitty remakes instead of 1 good” train thats been coming around too often nowadays. Turtles in time didn’t work out so on to the next game.

Rocket knight adventures is a platformer where you play as an opossum called rocket knight I guess. Of course the little fella wears a rocket pack on his back and wields a sword. I haven’t played it for about 12 years or so, I guess the only good thing about this video was to remind me how awesome it was back in the days.

Any ways, as usual I was checking todays new videos on gametrailers and I found “Rocket knight” and I thought that this was just the sega game,  converted to xbox 360/ps3. Of course not! Remake 2.5D style T_T.

I never really liked 2.5 D games. Especially not remakes of old classics that is in 2.5 D.

What the fuck konami…. What the fuck…


PS3:Fat princess

Yep we’re back from the summer break. Since almost no games was coming out or being announced since E3 we thought we would take a break.

Today it’s time to review the game Fat princess for the ps3.


Simple and fun is the two words best describing this game. No story no missions, just plain head to head combat at it’s best. The only goal is to get your princess back while keeping the other teams princess captured in your prison. If you don’t count that lame ass fotball game (wich I don’t).

You start out as a simple peasant and to change to an actual class you have  5 hat machines in your base that makes hats (duh?) and if you put it on, you turn into the class the hat represents. You get to choose between 5 diffrent classes: Warrior, priest, ranger, worker and mage. It’s pretty easy to figure out what each class does if you ever played an rpg or something like that, exept for the worker. Workers cut down wood and get it to the base. They are in charge of building gates for the base, building ladders to get into the enemy base and to upgrade hatmachines.

Now if you’re wondering about the name “Fat princess” it’s because you can feed your prisoner (the other teams princess) CAKE! When you feed her this cake she becomes fat and it takes more time dragging her fat ass, if she’s been lazy on her diet.

I really like how simple Fat princess is. It took me about 10 minutes to understand everything in the game. Try to get the princess, keep theirs, upgrade your buildings to get better hats and win the game, thats about it.

If you’re wondering about my opinion I can only say that this game is the shit if you’re looking for a great game to have between games. It can get a bit repeditive and the connection problems is a bit frustrating but at 14 euros you can’t really complain. If you’re lucky to get 5+ friends to play this game it can be a lot more fun since most people doesn’t have a headset for the ps3 and it’s the kind of game you need tactics and teamwork to succeed every time.

Oh yeah forgot to mention that Fat princess is coming out to the psp wich im looking forward too, since this is perfect for handheld gaming


Demo Impression: InFamous.


InFamous is a third person action game in which you take control of Cole, someone who somehow suddenly posses these unexplainable powers of electrecity. It is now up to you to either help Cole save the city, or make him destroy it.

The demo starts off with a little introduction explaining pretty much what I said above. When it’s time for your first mission, you’re slung out in the world of Empire City. And since you start on a rooftop, you get the feeling that this is going to be an open wordl game with a lot of climbing and/or flying involved. And you’d be very right to think so, because that’s just what you do, aside from electrifying your enemies of course.

Navigating trhough the environment is a breeze, the controls feelss very fluent and they’re very easy to learn.  Cole will automatically grab on to edges and ledges when he comes in contact with them and jumping from rooftop to rooftop is a lot of fun. He can also fly for short amount of time and slide on wires coonected between buildings. He does these things with the help of his electrical powers, using them as thrust in both cases.


The Empire City we see in the game seems to be that of a decaying one, where gangs have taken over the streets and it’s pretty much total anarchy all over the place. With that said, the environment looks great, it’s got a very gritty feel to it and everything feels weathered, even if the events making it that way didn’t take place too long ago. Which begs the question, what really happened? I guess we’ll have to buy the game to find out eh?


As I said, the game looks great, but when looked at from a purely technical angle, it can seem a little dated in its graphics. Still, Cole’s powers look great, as does the world he inhabits, but it’s a little rough around the edges at times. I’ve gotten occaisional framerate issues and so on, but it’s nothing that detracts from the overall feel of the game.

The mission in the demo has you escorting an old train, filled with refugees to a safe location. Of course the route to that location is filled with enemies, the reapers. This only provides you with a great opportunity to try out your electrifying skills, which is a ton of fun. It can be easy to think that Cole’s powers, being based entirely on electricity, would become repetetive. This is not the caes, he has a lot of different things he can do with them. Using it to push cars and whatnot out of the way or into enemies, throwing electric grenades and shooting it out of his fingertips alá the emperor from star Wars. He can also do this cannonball thing where he jumps off a high ground and dives into the ground, blowing pretty much everything around him out of way as he lands.


The game also has a whole good/evil thing going, which doesn’t really show itself too much in the demo, but what I can say is that being evil does affect what people think of you and your status to them  About the only other noticable difference is that when performing evil tasks, Cole’s powers will turn red instead of blue and vice versa.  He’ll also change his appearance and look more… You know, Evil.  I’m fairly certain there’s more than that to it in the full game, but that’s what I could gather from the demo.


The game feels and plays great, it’s got kind of a Spiderman meets Assassin’s Creed thing going on, which I like. It runs smooth enough and as I’ve stated it is a ton of fun navigating Empire City. I look forward to playing the full game when it hits shelves on June 27th

The demo is available now on PSN.


A quick look at Heavy Rain
“The first time I saw you I knew you were the one. I thought these things only happened in the movies you know. The pounding heart, the sweaty hands, and the shaky legs.
I was coming out of the theater and it started pouring Heavy Rain so there I was soaking wet, teeth-shattering, freezing cold and then you came up to me. You looked me straight in the eyes and you said; you need an umbrella miss?”

Well I needed new pants after I watched that demo back in 2006. Heavy Rain was one of those big names promoting the release of the Playstation 3. What ever happened to that game? Why wasn’t it released when the PS3 was? Maybe it’s because this game will be so epic, but I actually don’t know if it’s the going to be the good kind of epic. From what I’ve seen the graphics looks terrific and the story seems to be pretty complexed. It’s said to be released sometime this year.

You might remember the game Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy as it was called in North America. The gameplay was really something new and interesting and so was the characters and the story.
Heavy Rain is being developed by the same team behind Fahrenheit. So expect the plot to be a bit messy. What I’ve heard about it is that you could kill every main character, and still win the game. If one character dies, you will play as another and the game and story continues.
You will notice that there is Quick Time Events if you watch the latest trailer of Heavy Rain. Now that is an feature which might ad some excitement, but it may also utterly fail. I’m actually one of those who enjoy mashing buttons in cut scenes. This because I in general think cut scenes can be to long and boring.


Judging from the first demo which were a role casting, I think the game will be like an interactive drama movie or something similar. It really looks pretty interesting, but what I’ve learned from games trying to be movies is that they get boring and dull.
Haven’t you ever played one of the later Final Fantasy games and thought to yourself “…for fuck sake let me play the game already!!!” the same goes for the Metal Gear Solid series.
Well, those games have a sort of charm in them, but when the cut scenes is ninety percent of the whole freaking game, then it tends to set you off a bit. At least I don’t appreciate that kind of game.


That said, it’s not even certain that this will be anything like FF or MGS. I surely hope not. Well anyway the game looks to be pretty dark and serious and directed to a more mature audience. I expect it to be a little like a film noir adventure game. I hope theres is lots of hard puzzles to solve too.

/Mr. D


Review: UFC 2009 Undisputed.


UFC 2009 Undisputed is the first “next”-gen game of the franchise and exceeds the former ones by miles and miles. For those of you who –like myself up until recently– don’t know what Ultimate Fighting Championship is, it is a sport of MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. As such, there are various styles and techniques among the many fighters in the game. Some of them include boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, judo, wrestling and a few more. With that said though, it is fairly obvious that the fighting is far from stale or repetetive. And the fact that it is a ton of fun doesn’t hurt either.

This isn’t a fighting game I’m used to playing, it is far more tactical –at least right off the bat– than say.. Your Tekkens or your Street Fighters, which is what I was used to. With that said though, it’s fairly easy to learn the basics, and a bit harder to learn the more advanced controls, which will take practice upon practice to master. Luckilly there is an excellent tutorial to help you along the way, it lists all the moves and how to execute them.

What’s interesting about UFC is that the fighting can take place with both players on their feet or with both on the ground, wrestling for control over the other. In the game, some fighters are better on their feet than they are on the ground, so that’s something that you’ll have to take advantage of when you’re playing. Especially if you’re going online. Knowing your opponents weaknesses will greatly improve chances of winning, also selecting the right character for that fight is important. For example, a fighter with a very high Takedown and Submission offence isn’t someone you want to be on the floor with. Unless you have the right stats to compete with that. Of course there’s always the option of trying to keep the fight standing, but that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you’re going in against a takedown/submission specialist. Of course the roles can be reversed or met in the middle, and this makes for very interesting fights most of the time.

Someone's getting hurt.

Someone's getting hurt.

When it comes to the game’s single player options it gets a little… Light. Or rather, the options are plenty but the way in which they are executed leaves some room for improvement. That’s not to say that the game is bad in it’s single player, but it’s nowhere near as fun as the multiplayer can get.
Firstly, there is the Career mode, which will build you up from a nobody to eventually winning the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The way you do this is you start of with an easy match against some randomly generated dude, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose here, you’ll still get a basic sponsorship and training facilities. From the Boot Camp you’ll receive emails about upcoming fights and activities. And you’ll have to train and rest to get your stats and stamina up for the upcoming fight. Apart from the UFC fights, you’ll also receive emails from trainers other than your own from other camps who will invite you to come and train in their camp for a week. This is a great way to improve your techniques and fighting abilities. You’ll also get various things liek photoshoots and such, where you don’t really do anything yourself, you’ll just see a picture and then you’re done for the week. As you progress through the career you’ll unlock more abilities and fight points to improve your own created fighter’s chances of winning. One thing that’s fairly annoying with the career is that the menus are kind of sluggish, it’s nothing you’ll throw your controller at, but it can be a hassle.

Apart from Career Mode, there’s the Classic Fights mode, which will show you a video of how a classic fight went down in the real UFC, and it is then up to you to recreate that fight. For example, it can be something like, George St. Pierre winning by armbar submission in the second round. If that’s the case, you’ll have to do just that. If you’re successful in this, you’ll unlock some extras. I’m guessing it’s the full fight video, but I haven’t done it yet, so I can’t say.

Submission in action

Submission in action

Online is really where the game shines. This is where you’re ranked by your skills and is most similar to the real deal. By winning and executing certain moves during online matches you’ll raise your level and you’ll get medals for some of the moves. For example, if you’re one hell of a striker and manage to knock your opponent out fast, you’ll get a one-hit special medal. Or if you’ve managed to go from being mounted to you mounting your opponent, you’ll get mount reversal medal. This system keeps it interesting between fights, making you want to progress on a personal level. The game will also keep track of your wins and loses and this will be shown to your opponent, just like it would in a real UFC fight. The game will also ‘take notes’ if you will, of how you are playing, so that when you’re at the character select screen, it will say something like “Viscious ground & pounder”, “Loves the takedown”, “Strikes hard” and so on. This will change with you as you change your tactics. This information is shown for both players so you’ll see his strengths as well. You can also see both of the fighters stats so as to better plan your choice of character for the fight. All of this put togeteher makes for some great online fighting, with the exception of one thing… Lag. The destroyer of any online enabled game. I’ve had mixed experience with this, some fights have gone smooth as hell, while others have been nearly impossible to play. Lag in a game like this, where timing is crucial, isn’t acceptable. But then there’s only so much the developers/publishers can do about it. Latency will always be there if you’re playing against someone halfway around the globe. In my experience it seems to be getting better and better though. One can only hope that there will be a patch or something out for those who can’t resolve these problems, but I can’t say anything about that at the moment.

Always keep your guard up.

Always keep your guard up.

The game obviously looks great, with a few exceptions. Most fighter models are scanned from their real-life counterparts and they look great. There are however some fighters that are built from scratch and they don’t really look the part most of the time. They lack what the scanned models have in detail. Even the cutmen and referees have highly detailed models, as do the ring girls. Sadly, while it looks great, the animations don’t always add up to that. There are plenty of reused animation across fighters, which.. You know, sucks. But even so, the game looks, feels and plays very well.

During fights you’ll hear commentaries by the same persons you’d hear it from during a live fight. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan. These are pretty good most of the time, but sometimes it can get laggy or be a bit behind. Although that doesn’t happen often, and when it does it can be easily overooked. When you’re in a fight, the commentators aren’t your main concern anyway.
With that said, they can get kind of repetetive at times, but then again all the moves are covered and there are a lot of moves to do and in various combinations, so it works out well in the end.

Something that bothers me in the sound department is crowd reaction. Particularly when a fight is won. You’ll get the commentators all riled up and excited but there isn’t much of a punch in the crowd’s responce to say.. A knockout.  A simple tweak like that could have made that impact so much.. Harder, if you will.

Ground & Pound in action.

Ground & Pound in action.

That’s not to say that they punches, kicks, hits and submissions don’t have an impact, because they really do. Landing a hard hit in the game makes you feel really good about yourself, same goes for kicks and submission. Watching a Kimura can be quite painful in itself, but executing it, or any submission really, on your opponent feels really good.

If you’re a UFC fan, this game is a definite must-have. If you’re a fan of tactical fighting games or fighting games in general, it is definately worth checking out. There is a demo out for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.


Kirby superstar


It’s been a while since we dug up one of the classics for the blog, so I thought it would be a good moment to mention one of my favorites for the SNES: Kirby superstar. If you’re from europe like myself this game is called kirby’s fun pak.

Obviously you play as the pink blob Kirby who’s one of nintendos iconic characters. This game collects 9 small games.  Thei’r simply just a normal 2d platformer like most of the snes platformers out there. Like the previous games we have kirby’s ability to obtain enemys powers by sucking them into your stomach. Kirby superstar also introduced the feature of having a helper simply by pressing y when you have a power activated. The helper could be controlled by a CPU or even by a second player. Having a second player is recommended since the cpu helper is stupid as fuck.


The games you can play is:

Spring breeze: Based on the first kirby game for the game boy. You have to face king dedede and reclaim the food he’s stole from the citizens of Dream land

Dyna blade: Almost the same as spring breeze but in this one you get an overworld map. At the end you need to fight a robot brid called Dyna blade.

Gourmet Race: It is a race against King Dedede incorporating platform elements. The objective is to both beat King Dedede to the finish line and collect the most food.

The Great Cave Offensive: In this one, the player must collect up to sixty treasure chests strewn throughout the game. There’s alot of hidden treasures to find.

Revenge of Meta Knight : In this one, Kirby attempts to destroy Meta Knight’s battleship, the Halberd, before Meta Knight can conquer Dream Land. Each area has a time limit, which will cost Kirby a life if it hits zero. It is particularly plot-based, featuring comments from the various crew members of the Halberd.

Milky Way Wishes: In this one, the Sun and Moon around planet Popstar are fighting, and Kirby must travel to different planets and defeat the boss at the end of each one in order to reach the giant comet NOVA, who Kirby hopes will help stop the unfortunate quarrel. Unlike the other platform games, Kirby cannot copy the abilities of enemies he inhales; instead, he collects “Deluxe Ability Pedestals”. These are items with abilities on them that, once in Kirby’s possession, allow the player to select them from a list of abilities. It also features a scrolling space shooter stage near the end.

The rest of the games is just mini games.

The best game, in my opinion, was the revenge of meta knight stage. In the end his aircraft plummets down to the ground and you see kirby making his epic escape. The music on the meta knight stage is one of the best ones in the snes library.

The controls can be a little hard to master at first but you will get the hang of it pretty soon. Since you pretty much can fly through whole stages there’s alot of enemies to fight and it never really feels too hard but never too easy eighter. The great cave offensive does require you to think alot if you want all the treasures.


If you missed this game for the SNES there is still hope! They remade this game for the nintendo DS. Kirby superstar ultra and kirby’s new fun pak is a great remake and kept everything that was great about the game exept for the 2 player option. They added 4 new platforming levels and 4 new minigames. The 3d cutscenes is also worth to mention.


Overall, this is a great game wich alot of people in europe didn’t play. I love it so much I spent alot of money on buying a new snes version of the game. I hope I inspiered you to pick this game up and give it a try. I mean who doesn’t like kirby?!


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