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About the slack

Here’s me again, the Razz.

I’m not gonna give you a major rant but instead give you a small status update about the blogg and explain the lack of posts.

Right now we’re taking summerslack into effect and have been doing that since about a month back. I’ve had it since May when alot of stuff happened in my life.

As of tomorrow I’m a resident of Denmark until late December since I got into chefschool there. How it all will go. I’ll give you an update on that later on to.

So basically there you have it. Situation, explained!



A word from the dead

Hey Everyone and sorry for not updating on my scheduled hours and such but I have legit reasons I promise you. My brother has just moved into a house and we’re doing a total renovation of the entire house, it doesn’t even have a bathroom so I decided to put my blogging on hold for a wee bit but this time I just couldn’t keep my hands of it…


I love Duke Nukem. And even though the game is late as hell, I’ll probably play it even though it might be a dissapointment because really, when the Duke rings, you answer the call 🙂

Edit: I just heard the new from Akira_san that they’ve put the final nail in the coffing of Duke Nukem Forever and it’s never going to be released…

Rest in peace Duke. You really are the best and will forever remain in our hearts… Damn this turned out to be a shitty day…



Videogame Violence

My previous rant was about The Ultimate Gamer and how the competitors were trying to do the same thing they do ingame, IRL.
Which made me think about Video Game Violence, the shootings in Columbine, Virginia Tech and the school shootings in Finland in 2007 & 2008

Is it really the games fault that things like this happen? Jack Thompson thinks so. Do I? Absolutely not. I personally blame the parents.

In a stressfull world like this it’s easy to overlook stuff and forget them. I mean, hell, my phone rings 5 times a day and I forget who called me two minutes after I hang up. All aboard the Alzheimerz-express I guess. But what I can’t understand is how the fuck you can “forget” or even fail to bother to check up on your kids and their computer habits. Sure, games are violent and some of them can probably affect you more then others, but so can movies, but do you see anyone blame violent movies for any of the tragedies mentioned above? NO! Not anymore.

So why do they blame videogames? Because that their interactive? I have no idea really. But I have a theory and it’s the New Media theory. People are stupid and ignorant. New = Scary and that’s how it always has been and probably always will be. I would have loved to live in the 18th century and see the people blame Mozart for the French Revolution.

The biggest game that opposition uses, atleast when the debate rises here in Sweden, is Postal 2.

A very violent game indeed and I totally agree that it should be banned. But not because it’s violent, it’s because it’s so goddamned, awfully bad! Sure, it’s fun for a couple of minutes, but it gets really boring and really repetitive, really fast. You can only throw gasoline on Anti-Videogame protestors that many times I guess. In short, it’s just plain awful. But why use this game as the posterchild of anti-videogame violence? Graphic Violence probably, as is the issue with the GTA-series.

I’ve heard all of the arguments hundreds of times and to be honest, I’m getting really sick of it. Instead of blaming the new media why don’t you actually try and understand it instead? Or better yet parents, spend time with your children, get to know them. Check out what they’re doing on their computer and check out the games they play. Who knows, we might even see you online soon enough.

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The Ultimate Gamer

First off, Scott Ramsoomair over at VGCats, thank you for years of fun. I’ve been a fan for many years and will be for many more. Which brings me to your latest comic. As usual, it’s flawless. But what bothers me is the subject of the comic.

I have no idea where the Sci-Fi Channel got this idea from but I guess they’re trying to aim for… well the same type of audience but still broaden it maybe.

Sci-Fi Channel in co-op with the World Cyber Games and their sponsor, Samsung, have created a show that will determine who among the competitors will earn the right to title themselves, The Ultimate Gamer.

Now what disturbs me about this is, as Scott Ramsoomair says, is that gamers are now, trendy. I mean wtf. We’ve been social outcasts for all of our lives because of what we love and now all of a sudden we’ve become the one thing that we hate. Trendy.

And the games that they’re playing aren’t really what I would call, games that, if you master them, would earn you the title of Ultimate Gamer. I mean come on. Rock Band, Virtua Fighter 5, Halo 3 and Project Gotham Racing? Games a 5-year old could master. Put them to the test against the classics instead.

Speedrun Super Mario Bros.

Mega Man 2 with only one life. A game that, according to me, still has the best soundtrack ever.

Or why not a perfect game on Tetris or Pac-Man?

Those are feats that would indeed in my eyes earn you some sort of title… Not Ultimate Gamer, butatleast a title.

Ultimate Gamer… bleh, both you and I know that there will never be, an Ultimate Gamer. WE know… but they don’t.

Another thing that has disturbed me for many years now is what games have become. Nice graphics and quirkie gimmics. What ever happened to the difficulty and “gameplay”. The Mega Man/Rock Man series pushed 6 games for the NES with the same graphics. The great success of it all? The games were difficult. It looks like shit, even by NES standards, and it didn’t have anymore new gimmics other than the new weapons you gain after you defeat a RobotMaster. Games were so much better in the old days.

I’d like to thank Scott Ramsoomair over at VgCats for giving me the subject for this rant. And at the same time I encourage you all to head over to and read his comics and his newsrants.



Enter the Razz

Well then, I guess that an introduction would be appropriate.

I’m Razz, currently 23years old and as I see it, the old guy in the group. And as the old guy it’s in my nature to be bitter and whiny about most stuff. See me as a young Andy Rooney with a touch of AVGN.

Currently unemployed but going for Chefstatus IRL and in World of Warcraft. Yes, I play World of Warcraft. Being unemployed I’ve found myself having to much spare time and nothing to do after my daily workout… Yes, I work out to. I’m the gamer personified and unpersonified in one.

Anyway, my earliest memory of gaming comes from the … I guess it is the 80’s actually. Dad brought home a Commodore 64.  The one single item in the world that makes me happy by just looking at it. Unfortunaetly it only brings me sad memories because as stupid as I was back then, I wanted a NES. Yes, I was young, dumb and naive and I really wanted a NES. Did I get one? Of course I did… what kid didn’t have a NES in his room at that time? If you haven’t you must’ve had a fucked up childhood my friend. Well, my uncle who was the one who really introduced me to the whole gaming scene bought himself a SNES as soon as it was out. And about 6months later I inherited it by christmas. I was the happiest boy in the world. The fact that he only had three games at the time didn’t bother me at all. I had an SNES and I couldn’t have been happier.

And here I am today. Sure times have changed, after the SNES came the playstation which I didn’t buy until 1998 or something like that. Later the PS2 came and is still the latest console I have. That’s right, I don’t have and have never owned a N64 (even though it came earlier) XBOX, XBOX360 or a PS3.  And I still think that SNES is the best console gaming system in the world. But the best game in world, is undoubtedly Bubble Bobble for NES. Why? I’ll explain at a later time.

Hopefully, I’ll be the one bringing you rants about the retrogamingscene from the 80-90’s since that’s really where my big area of expertise lies.

Anyways, thank you for reading this small introduction about myself. I promise you all that the next post won’t be as focused on myself but on what you’re here for.  Games.


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