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a quick look at lego universe

Surely you’ve played with Lego at some point in your life. You can never get too old to enjoy it, really. It’s a way to let your creativity flow.
You can make all kinds of creations with Lego and that’s what so amazing with it. Be it a car, a spaceship or a boat, or even something abstract. You name it and it’s most likely possible to build.
Since the beginning of this century the interest for real life things has decreased. Maybe that’s why Lego is trying so hard to make a name for itself in the virtual world.

Well, it seems to be a great success since there still are new Lego games in production. The latest one takes the Lego world to a whole new level. Lego Universe is not just a new game. It’s an MMO and we all know what that means.
It’s going to have to compete with one of all times gaming giant; World of Warcraft.
So what is my thoughts on this. I’m usually skeptical about new MMOs, since so many of them fail to be groundbreaking. Most of them are so clearly ripped off of WoW it’s almost embarrassing to play them.
This time though it’s different, I think. I still keep my guard with the skepticism, but I can’t shake the feeling that this time it really is something extraordinary.

Be a pirate and sail the great seas or... a goddamn rocket and fly to the moon!

A game set in a universe based on the endless creativity of Lego. It might just do the thing. It might at last be the groundbreaking MMO we’ve all been waiting for.
Sure, I can already tell now that it wont stand a chance against the millions of fans playing WoW. Still, it can become a great MMO. It can be enjoyable, but only if it isn’t comparable with other games of the genre.

The gameplay will involve battles, creating things, exploring and so on. It will be based on the gameplay and battle system seen in LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones. To create stuff with Lego bricks there is three different modes. Quick Build for pre-minded models, Choice Build to choose different parts for you models or Custom Build where you choose brick for brick and build your own thing from scratch.

Look mother! Ive built a podracer!

and now Im a ninja ready to battle anything!

The story will take place in seven different worlds. You use rockets to travel between them. The only confirmed world so far is called “Avant Gardens”.
There will be both player vs. environment and player vs. players. The question is how will that work out?
I hope there will be possibility to become better than other players with little balancing applied.
Then again, it is pretty much a kids game. So the targeted audience might not be that hardcore.
That’s one of the worries I have for this great idea of a game. That it wont be for all ages. That it might be for little kids. I mean in general, Lego is made for kids.
The trailer is pretty violent though, but what kid doesn’t play violent games today?




PSP Go Impressions


The market hasn’t treated the PSP too well. Compared to the NDS it has superior hardware, but if you take a look at the sales rate the NDS has double the sales of the PSP.
What gives the DS an advantage over the PSP is that it has a broader selection of games and is cheaper to buy. It’s easier to chip it too. Any average Joe is able to buy a flash card and just download all NDS games for free.
It doesn’t mater that the PSP has alot of cool multimedia features. The games hasn’t lived up to the potential of the PSP. It was a nice gadget to begin with, but in the end it just got boring and those UMD cartridges wasn’t convenient enough.


Now that Sony has revealed the PSP Go, we can only hope that the handheld market will give it a better try. There’s lots of reason why the PSP Go will do better than the previous versions. First off it’s more compact and it has 8GB to 16GB of built-in flash memory. It has a total capacity of 32GB.
It weighs about 40 percent less than the PSP-3000 and despite that it has a smaller screen it will have the same resolution and probably play even better.
The best feature though is that instead of running UMD discs all media will be downloadable. That will make it much more convenient as an handheld. Sony will make it so that you can download the content of all UMD discs you’ve already bought.

PSP Go open

PSP Go open

This is a good move from Sony’s side, since downloadable games sell better. Just take a look at how well Steam is doing. It’s a good way to avoid piracy, though it won’t nullify it. Buyers want it easy and like to be able to have their collection at one place.
The only downside I can see with the PSP Go is the price, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Anyway, one more thing that will make sure to sell the PSP Go is the upcoming games. Big titles like Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker will surely draw attention to the handheld.
What I hope for is that Sony make it easier for third part and independent developers to publish games on the PSN store.

/Dallas (previously Mr. D)


Review: Soma Bringer


Soma Bringer is a hack and slash RPG for the DS. Developed by Monolith Soft, behind the fairly known RPG-series Xenogear. Soma Bringer was released in Japan in February 2008, but sadly there’s hasn’t been any word suggesting that it will be released anywhere else. It’s one of those Japanese games that hasn’t made it to the western market. It’s pretty strange though, since this is a really solid game. It received good reviews in Japan and sold about 51,000 units initially.

Soma Bringer1

Soma Bringer takes place in a world where an energy called Soma drives all technology and the daily lives of the Inhabitants. In this world lies the huge continent Barnea and recently the Soma balance as been disrupted. This causes monsters called Visitors to appear and terrorizing people. That’s where you come in. You play as soldier of an Visitor hunter organization called Secundady.
Your main quest is to help the people get rid of Visitors, but you end up getting you self involved in a much more harder mission. It seems that some evil force wants to bring an final end to the human world. Now you, together with your allies are the only ones who can save Barnea from destruction.

A Battle with wolfs

A Battle with wolfs

The gameplay in Soma Bringer is almost exactly as in Diablo. You pick a character and class, then you get in to the adventure where two team-mates hook up with you. You hack and slash the enemies with different spells and attacks. While you level up you can build talent trees to get better attacks/spells and boost certain abilities.
When you kill monsters some of them drop chests which you can loot for better gear and money. When you encounter rare monsters you get better drops and boss-fights gives you rare drops. Just like in Diablo the monsters re-spawn after you restart the game. So if you want to go on a grind-run, that’s an easy cake.
The boss fights are the most interesting in Soma Bringer, since they give a great challenge. You really need to check your tactics to get them down. Some rare bosses are so hard you’ll have to fight them later when you leveled up some more.

A boss battle

A boss battle

The gear you pick up has different colors depending on the rareness and the quality. Some even belongs to a set. Now there’s another similarity to the Diablo gameplay.
But wait, it doesn’t stop there. You can put gems in your gear to make it stronger and boost your skillpoints. You can even combine the gems to get higher leveled gems.
For every level you get some AP (Attack Points) and CP (Character Points) which you can spend to boost your stats and as mentioned build a talent tree.

Character Select

Character Select

The battlesystem is simple. You use X, Y, A, B for the attacks you have assigned. Then you make sure you got a target in front of you or just press one button until you see a red marker on your target.
Then just hack and slash away.
But to add some to the battlesystem there has been introduced a break system which gives you the possibility to stun your target for some time. This happens when you continually hit your target.
There will first be one (!) then two (!!) and lastly three (!!!) which shows a successful break.

Chest looting and break points

Chest looting and break points

You might think that a game that almost ripped everything from Diablo should be bad. In my opinion this is one hell of game. The story is simple and easy to understand. The character are pretty cool and the battles are kickass. One thing that really makes me happy while playing this game is that there’s no use of the stylus. The DS stylus should not be overused just because it’s there.
Well anyway, it’s easy to like this game when it’s so simple to get in to. It’s not the best game in the world, but it sure is fun.

The sad truth is that it’s only released in Japanese, but you can get a patch with a translation if you use chip. So that’s the only tips I can give you. I wont give you a link our anything.
You should absolutely play this game.

/Mr. D


A quick look at Heavy Rain
“The first time I saw you I knew you were the one. I thought these things only happened in the movies you know. The pounding heart, the sweaty hands, and the shaky legs.
I was coming out of the theater and it started pouring Heavy Rain so there I was soaking wet, teeth-shattering, freezing cold and then you came up to me. You looked me straight in the eyes and you said; you need an umbrella miss?”

Well I needed new pants after I watched that demo back in 2006. Heavy Rain was one of those big names promoting the release of the Playstation 3. What ever happened to that game? Why wasn’t it released when the PS3 was? Maybe it’s because this game will be so epic, but I actually don’t know if it’s the going to be the good kind of epic. From what I’ve seen the graphics looks terrific and the story seems to be pretty complexed. It’s said to be released sometime this year.

You might remember the game Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy as it was called in North America. The gameplay was really something new and interesting and so was the characters and the story.
Heavy Rain is being developed by the same team behind Fahrenheit. So expect the plot to be a bit messy. What I’ve heard about it is that you could kill every main character, and still win the game. If one character dies, you will play as another and the game and story continues.
You will notice that there is Quick Time Events if you watch the latest trailer of Heavy Rain. Now that is an feature which might ad some excitement, but it may also utterly fail. I’m actually one of those who enjoy mashing buttons in cut scenes. This because I in general think cut scenes can be to long and boring.


Judging from the first demo which were a role casting, I think the game will be like an interactive drama movie or something similar. It really looks pretty interesting, but what I’ve learned from games trying to be movies is that they get boring and dull.
Haven’t you ever played one of the later Final Fantasy games and thought to yourself “…for fuck sake let me play the game already!!!” the same goes for the Metal Gear Solid series.
Well, those games have a sort of charm in them, but when the cut scenes is ninety percent of the whole freaking game, then it tends to set you off a bit. At least I don’t appreciate that kind of game.


That said, it’s not even certain that this will be anything like FF or MGS. I surely hope not. Well anyway the game looks to be pretty dark and serious and directed to a more mature audience. I expect it to be a little like a film noir adventure game. I hope theres is lots of hard puzzles to solve too.

/Mr. D


3-Lite Podcast

Here’s 3-Lite blogs first podcast. We had some troubles recording the podcast in English, so this one is in Swedish.

———————->3-Lite Podcast nr. 1 <———————-

Next time we will try to make a video out of it so we can add subtitles. Until we improve our English accent, this will have to due.

Anyway, in today’s podcast we give some insight to the upcoming games; Battlefield 1943 and Ghostbusters. We discuss about two games which we find underated; Killer 7 and Beyond Good & Evil. We discuss the rumor of a new PSP in development. Lastly Akira_san cheers the old SNES classic Super Punchout!

Battlefield 1943 is a FPS game in development by DICE. It is supposed to be released this summer via online clients to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.
It will be purchasable on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN store. Probably on Steam for the PC, but nothing is confirmed about it yet. The game will only be released online to keep the price down, and that gives Battlefield 1943 a total price of about 200SEK ($25).
The gameplay will be about the same as previous Battlefield games, but the graphics and physics is greatly enhanced.


Ghostbusters is another game up for release this summer. It’s a third-person ghost-cathing-action game with multiplayer capabilities.
The game takes place just after the second movie. It will be up to you to cleanse New York from pink neon fluffy cute ghosts this time. The game looks awesome and will probably be too.


Killer 7 is a game designed by the mastermind Suda51. It was released back in 2005 and received good reviews, but in my opinion this was the one of the best games released that year and one of my favorites ever.
It has a truly unique playstyle where you walk on-rails in a pretty much open world. Even though it’s pretty restricted it sure is enjoyable. You get to shoot crazy suicidal monsters, meet up with extraordinary bosses and try to save the world from world war between Japan and USA.


Beyond Good & Evil is an action-adventure with stealth elements. It was released back in 2003 by ubisoft. but failed to get any good attention because of poor marketing. You play as Jade, equipped with a camera and a staff. The story takes place in a futuristic world on a combat planet called Hyllis. The plot is very complicated and political. The mission is to expose the corrupt in the world and save some children who are kidnapped by evil aliens.

There’s a rumor about a new PSP. This time without the UMD and instead a service to download games. It will be equipped with a hard drive and you can choose from either 8GB or 16GB.
Sony doesn’t want to comment whether it’s true or not. Probably because of E3 coming up in two weeks.
Super Punhout! is an old SNES classic in which you play as Mike, a young boxer who wants to become the champion. After he finds a good manager the challenge to become the best begins.
You start off pretty simple with characters you easily knock out and then it gets harder and harder.


/Mr. D with Akira_san


Brütal Legend

There’s nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you’re gonna eat it
– Jack Black

Maybe you can’t prepare yourself to rock, but at least get ready for Rocktober! The month when Brutal Legend is up for release.
Brutal Legend is a upcoming action-adventure game and the mastermind designer behind it is none other than Tim Schafer. The man who brought us Psychonauts, Grim Fandago and the first two Monkey Island games.

You play as Eddie Riggs, the worlds best roadie for the worlds worst Heavy Metal band. Eddie is accidentally brought into a fantasy world after bleeding on his cursed belt buckle. Which is actually a amulet for Ormagöden, “The Fire Beast, Creamator of the Sky, and Destroyer of the Ancient World”.
The fantasy world Eddie Riggs is transported to is inspired by Heavy Metal posters and it’s in that world where the whole story takes place.


Brutal Legend will be in third-person in an open world, apparently 64km2 according to Tim Schafer. As mentioned you play as Eddie, but here comes the funny part; Eddie is voiced by Jack Black. Yes, the comedian rockstar! I personally think it’s an awesome feature to the game. Don’t you just love Tenacious D and Pick of Destiny?
Anyway, as Eddie you will have three different tools to choose from. One is a broadaxe named “The Separater”, another one is Eddies guitar “Clementine” with magical powers within the Heavy Metal world. Lastly there is a Hot Rod named “The Deuce” which Eddie builds for himself.
As you progress you will be able to upgrade these three tools and their abilities.

With that it’s up to you to fight of the evil in the Heavy Metal world and save your love and the human world from being destroyed. A awesome concept for a game and I can’t wait for it to hit the stores.
Jack Black, Heavy Metal and a crazy fantasy world filled with evil. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?
Another thing I like about this upcoming game is the graphics. It has more of a childish look to it. That shows that Brutal Legend isn’t some radical metal game for hard-rockers only. That gives the game some self distance. There will probably be a lot of humor too for that matter.

Let’s rock like there’s no tomorrow in Rocktober!

/Mr. D


A quick look at Red Dead Redemption

It was the early 1900’s. A former outlaw, John Marston is sent out on a journey across the troubled American Frontiers. His quest being to bring the rule of law. His only company being a horse, a rifle and revolver. The Old West is a harsh place to live in, yet so beautiful and free in some way.
Not much more is said about the story in the upcoming Western game Red Dead Redemption.
But I got hooked on the mentioning of The Old West. I’m often fooled though, since the only really good “Old West” themed game I’ve ever played is Red Dead Revolver.
As you’ll probably figure out, Red Dead Redemption is the follow up to that game.


What differs this game from its prequel is that it’s set in a sandbox environment. With free roaming open areas like frontier towns, prairies and mountain passes. There’s a new protagonist, John Marston and the story takes place in the early 20th century. In the previous game -Red Dead Revolver- A young man named Red was the main character and he roamed around the west in the 1880’s.
So it’s about twenty years later in this sequel, in which the “Old West” were undergoing some mayor changes.

Rockstar Games, the developers of this Western shooter has put their RAGE graphics engine to use once again. Last time it was used for Grand Theft Auto IV. The same goes for the physics that will be about the same as in GTA IV. Judging from in-game pictures the graphics is real pretty.


But I’m really not the one who judge games after how good the graphics or physics are. What I want when I play games is to have fun, and I sometimes enjoy a good story. Well anyway, one cool new feature in Red Dead Revolver is multiplayer. How that will work I don’t know right know.

I personally love old Western movies. The settings, the small towns, the guns and all the craziness. Duels and awesome one-liners. Why shouldn’t it be as cool in games? I do think Red Dead Redemption will be a great game though. If it’s anything like its prequel at least I wont be disappointed. Rockstar doesn’t usually make bad games, so its hard to believe this will be a disappointment. You can’t or rather you shouldn’t mess up anything Western themed.
It’s a great concept for any story, but will the rest of what builds a game be enough to give Red Dead Redemption justice?

/Mr. D

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