Champions Online: first impressions.

A while back I made a post about Champions online. The game from cryptic studios and is company that made city of heroes. Well anyways Yesterday open beta started and after sitting the whoooole night trying to get into the game I finally got to play early this morning. It was worth it.

I started out playing playing around with the hero creator and there’s a lot of stuff to play with. Sadly it’somtimes hard to find what you want and just making a hero if you’re serious, could take up to 30 minutes.


Anyways I made a hero called akira using only guns instead of superpowers I was ready to try it out. What suprised me was that the learning curve for CO was a lot shorter then it’s baby brother City of heroes. I got into the game really fast and I started grinding quests in notime. All the quests are marked on the mini map as circles showing you where the item or whatever is.

Travel powers was fun to play around with. Picking a flying one seems to be the most effective one. Swinging, super jump and rocket jump is hard to land on a precise spot. Digging and superspeed makes you take the long way all the time. I use rocket boots for my character and it works out great. You start out slow but increase in speed til you reach max speed. If you get hit you get reduced to “gear 1”.

Something that disappointed me was  the new fighting system. I was told that it would be more like and action game instead of “Kick your chins kick my chins” like we see in other mmorpgs. It’s more like a normal mmorpg except you have to block special attacks. The enemy will show a weird icon over his head and that means that he/she is charging his lazer, And you better block it or about 50% of your hp is gone. This can suck really bad when you’re fighting a lot of mobs with super attacks.

The quests are really interesting and keeps you going. Since it’s a beta two quests failed me, but it doesn’t matter. The instanced small bossfights is the most fun quests I ever did in an mmorpg.

I LOVE how you don’t have to eat or drink when you grind. There’s a good flow to it and if you would run away from a fight it’s as simple as standing still for a few seconds and try again. If you die you ressurect at the closest spawnpoint ready to go.

This is a must buy for mmorpg lovers that can’t stand fantasy mmorpgs anymore, or just wants to try something new. This was just a short text to give you some of my thoughts on this game. Looking forward to seeing you online on september 1st!


2 Responses to “Champions Online: first impressions.”

  1. 1 theherodaily
    August 19, 2009 at 20:51

    I used to play Champions when it was a RP game. It kind of inspired my page theherodaily.wordpress.com

  2. 2 skunken
    August 22, 2009 at 19:24

    Why dont you guys give us some impressions from Gamescon?

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