PS3:Fat princess

Yep we’re back from the summer break. Since almost no games was coming out or being announced since E3 we thought we would take a break.

Today it’s time to review the game Fat princess for the ps3.


Simple and fun is the two words best describing this game. No story no missions, just plain head to head combat at it’s best. The only goal is to get your princess back while keeping the other teams princess captured in your prison. If you don’t count that lame ass fotball game (wich I don’t).

You start out as a simple peasant and to change to an actual class you have  5 hat machines in your base that makes hats (duh?) and if you put it on, you turn into the class the hat represents. You get to choose between 5 diffrent classes: Warrior, priest, ranger, worker and mage. It’s pretty easy to figure out what each class does if you ever played an rpg or something like that, exept for the worker. Workers cut down wood and get it to the base. They are in charge of building gates for the base, building ladders to get into the enemy base and to upgrade hatmachines.

Now if you’re wondering about the name “Fat princess” it’s because you can feed your prisoner (the other teams princess) CAKE! When you feed her this cake she becomes fat and it takes more time dragging her fat ass, if she’s been lazy on her diet.

I really like how simple Fat princess is. It took me about 10 minutes to understand everything in the game. Try to get the princess, keep theirs, upgrade your buildings to get better hats and win the game, thats about it.

If you’re wondering about my opinion I can only say that this game is the shit if you’re looking for a great game to have between games. It can get a bit repeditive and the connection problems is a bit frustrating but at 14 euros you can’t really complain. If you’re lucky to get 5+ friends to play this game it can be a lot more fun since most people doesn’t have a headset for the ps3 and it’s the kind of game you need tactics and teamwork to succeed every time.

Oh yeah forgot to mention that Fat princess is coming out to the psp wich im looking forward too, since this is perfect for handheld gaming


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