A quick look at Heavy Rain

“The first time I saw you I knew you were the one. I thought these things only happened in the movies you know. The pounding heart, the sweaty hands, and the shaky legs.
I was coming out of the theater and it started pouring Heavy Rain so there I was soaking wet, teeth-shattering, freezing cold and then you came up to me. You looked me straight in the eyes and you said; you need an umbrella miss?”

Well I needed new pants after I watched that demo back in 2006. Heavy Rain was one of those big names promoting the release of the Playstation 3. What ever happened to that game? Why wasn’t it released when the PS3 was? Maybe it’s because this game will be so epic, but I actually don’t know if it’s the going to be the good kind of epic. From what I’ve seen the graphics looks terrific and the story seems to be pretty complexed. It’s said to be released sometime this year.

You might remember the game Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy as it was called in North America. The gameplay was really something new and interesting and so was the characters and the story.
Heavy Rain is being developed by the same team behind Fahrenheit. So expect the plot to be a bit messy. What I’ve heard about it is that you could kill every main character, and still win the game. If one character dies, you will play as another and the game and story continues.
You will notice that there is Quick Time Events if you watch the latest trailer of Heavy Rain. Now that is an feature which might ad some excitement, but it may also utterly fail. I’m actually one of those who enjoy mashing buttons in cut scenes. This because I in general think cut scenes can be to long and boring.


Judging from the first demo which were a role casting, I think the game will be like an interactive drama movie or something similar. It really looks pretty interesting, but what I’ve learned from games trying to be movies is that they get boring and dull.
Haven’t you ever played one of the later Final Fantasy games and thought to yourself “…for fuck sake let me play the game already!!!” the same goes for the Metal Gear Solid series.
Well, those games have a sort of charm in them, but when the cut scenes is ninety percent of the whole freaking game, then it tends to set you off a bit. At least I don’t appreciate that kind of game.


That said, it’s not even certain that this will be anything like FF or MGS. I surely hope not. Well anyway the game looks to be pretty dark and serious and directed to a more mature audience. I expect it to be a little like a film noir adventure game. I hope theres is lots of hard puzzles to solve too.

/Mr. D


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