A quick look at Red Dead Redemption

It was the early 1900’s. A former outlaw, John Marston is sent out on a journey across the troubled American Frontiers. His quest being to bring the rule of law. His only company being a horse, a rifle and revolver. The Old West is a harsh place to live in, yet so beautiful and free in some way.
Not much more is said about the story in the upcoming Western game Red Dead Redemption.
But I got hooked on the mentioning of The Old West. I’m often fooled though, since the only really good “Old West” themed game I’ve ever played is Red Dead Revolver.
As you’ll probably figure out, Red Dead Redemption is the follow up to that game.


What differs this game from its prequel is that it’s set in a sandbox environment. With free roaming open areas like frontier towns, prairies and mountain passes. There’s a new protagonist, John Marston and the story takes place in the early 20th century. In the previous game -Red Dead Revolver- A young man named Red was the main character and he roamed around the west in the 1880’s.
So it’s about twenty years later in this sequel, in which the “Old West” were undergoing some mayor changes.

Rockstar Games, the developers of this Western shooter has put their RAGE graphics engine to use once again. Last time it was used for Grand Theft Auto IV. The same goes for the physics that will be about the same as in GTA IV. Judging from in-game pictures the graphics is real pretty.


But I’m really not the one who judge games after how good the graphics or physics are. What I want when I play games is to have fun, and I sometimes enjoy a good story. Well anyway, one cool new feature in Red Dead Revolver is multiplayer. How that will work I don’t know right know.

I personally love old Western movies. The settings, the small towns, the guns and all the craziness. Duels and awesome one-liners. Why shouldn’t it be as cool in games? I do think Red Dead Redemption will be a great game though. If it’s anything like its prequel at least I wont be disappointed. Rockstar doesn’t usually make bad games, so its hard to believe this will be a disappointment. You can’t or rather you shouldn’t mess up anything Western themed.
It’s a great concept for any story, but will the rest of what builds a game be enough to give Red Dead Redemption justice?

/Mr. D

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