Champions online


Yesterday I was looking around gametrailers to check if there was something interesting. As usual most of the videos was bullshit, but then I stumbeled on to this game I never heard about. It was some lame movie showing some guys swinging around bionic commando style but something told me I should lurk more into this. So anyways I did and holy shit did I find a goldmine of win.

Champions online is an mmorpg that sticks out of the crowd in many ways, unlike the fantasy mmorpgs we’ve seen the last 5 years just copying World Of Warcraft as much as possible without Blizzard suing them. Apparently theres been 2 another similar games I missed for some reason called “city of heroes/villains” also developed by cryptic studios. Champions is built around the same concept, make your own superhero and kick some ass.


What makes this game unique compared to other mmorpgs is that you have so much more saying in how your character will look like and how you play it. You create a character with your own designed superhero costume, the powers you want them to have and even your own nemesis. This does scap the need for special classes to do pve/pvp encounters wich I think is very nice. There seems to be an endless amount of diffrent combinations of powers. Shooting ice/fire/lightning, using super strength and building little robots to fight for you is just a few. Instead of the usual mounts in games you use travel powers like flying, swinging like spiderman, superspeed and teleportation just to name a few of them.

I had to ask around on thier irc and forums to find out about how the endgame pve was. If I got this correctly there will be daily missions which could be anything from burning buildings, giant robots, to taking down a crime syndicate. There seems to be alot that can be done solo but my guess is that there will be alot of missions that will require you to be in a group with bosses to kill etc.


I didnt get to know alot from the pvp part of the game  but this is what a big fan of the game said. Dome heroes are on the side of the prison guards in a breakout scenario, and some are on the side of the prisoners trying to escape, he said this is to prepare you for if the prisoners ever staged a breakout as well as if you ever got unjustly thrown in jail.

The combat seems rather simple for an mmorpg since you can play the whole game on your xbox 360. What champions online is trying to do is to make the game more like an actiongame rather than keeping the good olé “hit you hit me hit you” wich mmos usually does. They introduce blocking and dodging into the game so the gameplay will feel alot like being a superhero. Is this hit or shit? I dont really know, I like the idea but latency may be a problem in this case.

The missions is based around your regular superhero stories. Saving helpless civilians from aliens, villains or something similar. Theres not I can say about the missions at the moment but I guess there will be alot of events like this thoughout the game.


You create a nemesis like you create you hero, you pick his power framework, costume, and how his minions look. Then you give him a personality and motivation. after that he randomly appears in missions and his minions will ambush you in the open until you defeat him for good. The nemesis creation will be avalible around level 30+ (level cap is 50 by the way).

This was just a quick look at Champions online. There is so much to say about the freedom and I really couldn’t fit it all into one post. I’m super hyped for this and I hope you’ll check it out too.

More info and  you can sign up for the beta on the main page:http://www.champions-online.com/

More Screenshots found at: http://www.champions-online.com/screenshots?img=138


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