X men origins: wolverine

Usually I dont consider buying movie licence games, but after reading that x men origins: wolverine would have the same style of gameplay like my favorite games god of war and devil may cry I had to get it. Mowing through packs of monsters and faceless soldiers is the shit.


The story is the same as the movie I guess, I can’t really confirm this since I didn’t really see it yet. You follow wolverine through 2 diffrent memories, one on a mission in africa and one where wolverine gets the adamantium injected into his body, breaking out from the labs. Every now and then you switch between the two and it can get really annoying at times. I had a real hard time to follow where you was in time. They didn’t name the characters after what they’re called in the comics but rather their real names so you’ve better read up on your comics.

Wolverine’s claws is the only wepon thoughout the game, but theres alot of combos to keep them from getting old. In fact theres so many combos im sure I didn’t even use them all. Using all combos and attacks isn’t really needed to progress but it’s a nice touch and its fun to play around with em’. If you feel like your normal attacks doesn’t do the trick you can use Wolverine’s special attacks: Drill claw, Claw tornado, Claw spin and Rage. There’s also a lunge attack to keep you from getting shot all the time since most of your enemyes will be armed. You lock onto a target and jump his way and rip his guts out. Sometimes you have to use lunge to jump onto helicopters or to far away platforms.


The game does have a levling up system where you can put points into skills to upgrade your claws, special attacks and hp to mention a few. You also find mutagens in some hidden areas that will boost your stats in the game. Theres three slots but you can only select one at first, but about halfway though the game you can use all three slots avalible. The levling up system is always kept simple and doesn’t really the action down.


It’s hard to overlook that they “borrowed” alot from other actiongames but thats what makes it so great. You kinda got the feeling that they stole.. hrm borrowed the good aspects of those games and threw away the less enjoyable. Tapping a button a million times to open doors and to rip enemys apart from God of war for example.  They FINALLY had the balls to remove the quicktime events though, wich is a gold star in my book. This game might be a bit easy for the hardcore crowd but I heard the hard mode is supposed to be somewhat challenging even for the hardcore (you unlock hard mode when completing it on easy or normal). Theres other reasons to replay this game if you missed mutagens or dolls to get new constumes.


Graphics seemed to be a bit random especially with the environment.  Sometimes you have a betuiful view and sometimes it’s just.. very sub par. It doesnt make the game bad, but it could use a final polish before release. The visuals when slashing up enemys and blood flys everywhere is very good though. Every now and then you get a slow motion version of the kill and it’s very satisfying =). Something that shocked me of awesomeness is that when you get hit by something your skin rips up, and it can go on until you only have your muscles left and the ribs and bones are showing, slowly healing back up again. Fucking WIN!


To sum it all up: This game was very good. It would be awesome if: Bosses wasn’t so damn easy, if you wasn’t almost unkillable at times and graphics where polished. This game is going straight into the classics bin and it’s very close to the top games in the action genre.

If you like the genre or just think wolverine is awesome you should take a stab at this game (haha). I have a feeling it’s going to be the best one he’s going to be in for a long while.

I found a little cave with Frostmourne from warcraft 3 and a dead guy with an exclamation mark over his head wich I laughed at for a couple of minutes.




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