War, what is it good for? – games!

War, a political state of conflict where men fight each other till death. Bloody, gruesome, horrible and devastating. One to many lives has been lost in wars. But there is no end to them. When one is won, another is declared. Is there anything good coming out of it? Probably not…. Or wait! What about Battlefield Heroes?!

After hours of gameplay in Battlefield Heroes you are sure to get pleased. BFH is a upcoming play 4 free game from EA, developed by DICE. Now this game is still in a closed-beta stage, so I can only give you some first impressions. You’ll play online in a third person perspective and your objective is to capture flags and get killpoints. The game takes place in World War II like thousands of other war games. BFH does have a charming appeal though, it’s cellshaded.

In game there’s two sides to pick from a the moment. One is called the Royal Army, representing the Brittish, Scottish and American Army from that time. The other one is the National Army, representing the German Nazy Army. You’ll start off by creating a character much like in MMORPG games like WoW or Warhammer Online. Right know there’s three different classes to choose from; Soldier, Gunner and Commando. As Soldier you will mainly be at the front lines, shooting everything that moves and giving heal support. As a Gunner you will be able to carry the most heavy of weapons, like machine guns and bazookas. As Commando you need to stay behind lines using stealth and sniper-weapons.

Gunner kicks ass!

Gunner kicks ass!

Since BFH still is a beta the classes aren’t very well balanced yet. Soldier is the best class right now, closely followed by Gunner. Commando on the other hand is pretty much useless. You’ll need to be very skilled to handle a Commando character. The game is very team depended. If you have a good team you win and the other way around.
There are some vehicles too, spawning at your base-camp and at flagged points. Tanks, cars and areoplanes. All which are closely resembling real-life vehicles from World War II.


One thing which is nice about this game is that it’s hardcore and casual at the same time. “How’s that possible?” You might think. Well it’s quite simple. When you join a game in BFH you are automatically put with players with the same skill as you. So if you like it casual you will be able to kick some ass anyway. Hardcore gamers should not fear this. Because you will meet the best of the best depending on your skill.
Overall I really enjoy this game. It’s a little thin though, since there’s not much content in the beta version. But the game looks fantastic and plays nice anyway and the music theme is awesome. You’ll be sure to whistle along while waiting for the loading screen to let you in to where the action is.

Sign up for the closed beta here: http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/battlefield-heroes/

//Mr. D


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