I thought I would do a quick review on the RTS/RPG game Demigod. If you dont know what it is it plays almost exactly like the mod DotA allstars for Warcraft 3.

Your demigod spawn on your team’s respective side of the map and your goal is to get to the other side and destroy the other team’s main building and you capture flags on the way. Random easy killable mobs spawns all the time and towers shoot you’re way to stop you from just walking into the other teams base. Theres items to help your demigod become stronger on the way and you can buy improvements for the base.

Not only is this how you play the game, it’s also the story of the game. Yes there is no story mode but it doesn’t really feel like it needed or anything. It’s a straight up compeditive game.


The singleplayer modes is eighter skimrish or tournament. Skimrish being a fast to set up match between you and bots versus a whole team of bots. Very simple but very fun to pass your time, or just to practice. Tournament is the same thing as skimrish but you have to play with the same character for 8 rounds earning points. The computer can be set to easy, normal, hard or nightmare.

Easy being eqiulivant to a 3 year old smashing buttons on the keyboard, normal is more like easy, hard is like a fucking strategic genious and it feels like you play a guy looking at your screen all the time but you can’t see his screen. I never tried nightmare tho but I guess its preety much “rapetime” anyways. They should have put more work into the AI difficulties removing the easy setting, replace it with normal and make something between normal and hard.

Multiplayer is eighter a match between human players or humans against bots etc. It does still have a couple of problems on the multiplayer front since theres alot of connection issues both with online and the LAN mode, but they say that this will be fixed in a future patch.

The characters is devided into 2 groups:  generals and assassins. Generals is more about controlling minions than doing direct damage, while assassins is more powerful by themselves. It does have the classic formula with mage, warrior, ranged and fast melee but it’s a good thing.  The balance between them is very good and its more about playstyle than choosing the right character for your team. You level up your chosen character by killing monsters, towers and other demigods and each level you get to choose a talent to put in your talent-tree and thats where the rpg element comes in.


There is only 8 maps to choose between right now and even the 5vs5 maps feels a bit too small for a 3vs3 match. All the maps is beutifully rendered and most of them promise atleast a 20 minute match depending on what you’re settings are.

Wich brings me to the graphics in the game. Everything looks just gorgeous and when you zoom in on a demigod you can really see the beutiful details. The graphics is very good for a strategy game even when played on a medium setting.


Overall it’s a good game wich just needs a bit of patching to make it all the way to the top. I always liked the DotA allstars concept but I think warcraft 3 is a bit outdated (sorry hardcore fans) so a game like this is more than welcome. It’s about time we got a new game for PC to play at LAN-partys!

2 Responses to “Demigod”

  1. May 16, 2009 at 03:40

    i love DotA it is so awesome game 😉

  2. June 28, 2009 at 19:57

    This game looks sweet!

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