Gyakuten Kenji – Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor

Console: Nintendo DS

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the Phoenix Wright -series. It’s such a surrealistic series of games yet based on real-life trials and investigations. Now theese games tend to run far away from reality. Take for instance the fact that a 24 years old defense-attorney goes on investigations with an 17 years old assistant with spiritual powers. Sometimes even with a 9 year old spirit medium! Occasionally you get help from from the spirit of Phoenix Wrights dead mentor while in trial. The judge is pretty stupid and the prosecutors always seem evil and determined to win at all cost.


Gyakuten Kenji

Enough about Phoenix Wright now. I wanted to highlight another game which hasn’t hit the stores yet; Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor. In this game instead of playing the part as a defense-attorney you take on the role as a prosecutor. Now I can’t really say if this game is going to hit stores outside of Japan, but I surely hope so.

The official name of the game is Gyakuten Kenji and will be avaible in Japanese stores May 28 this year. This will be a spin-off on the original series and take place at approximately the same time as Phoenix Wright 3. Instead of the text-based gameplay as in the previous games Perfect Prosecutor will be a “point-and-click” adventure. The main protagonist is of course Miles Edgeworth and his assistance will be Dick Gumeshoe. Both occurring in the previous games of the series.


From what I’ve read the main objective will be to gather evidence for different cases. You will interact with objects and people to progress in the story. There will be a “Investigation Log” so that you can look back at what you have gathered so far. Now in my humble opinion, playing as Edgeworth will be a nice turnaround. I always thought him to be the coolest character in the previous games. He was the cold, logical type who in the end claimed the truth as the most important aspect in trials.

Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor might not be purchasable tomorrow, but it’s sure worth the wait. I just hope it wont be canceled.

/Mr. D


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