A quick look on Singularity

Yesterday they released a new trailer on Singularity, wich reminded me how awesome this game will be!

For you guys who never heard about this game its an FPS very much like Half Life 2 wich will be released on PC, xbox 360 and PS3, and it all revolves about the TMD (Time manipulation device). What it does is just what you think, it  manipulates time.

The TMD has alot in common with the gravity gun from HL2 with the most interesting features being:

Revert: This allows the player to rewind an object or human backwards in time. It can be used to repair broken walkways to a new state, revert an empty barrel of oil to a full one. Using it on humans does not, as logic would dictate, revert them to helpless children or infants, or even an agonizing death as they dwindle to mere sperm-and-egg – rather, it reverts them to a contrived ‘placental state’, presumably because it was less work for the artists to merely use the existing character models and plaster some goop over them than rendering the aforementioned transformations.

Age: This allows the player to fast-forward an object or human through time. It can turn a crate that a group of enemies are using for cover into rotted wood, or turn an iron fence blocking your path into a pile of rust. Using this on an enemy will result in them quickly aging until they are nothing more than bones and dust. Upgrading this causes your targets to age faster.

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 1

It also works like the gravity gun like picking up stuff and using a stasis field to stop time and hold activated granades.

Sounds fucking epic to me =)!

The story is based around Nate Renko who is an air force pilot investigating the island “katorga 12” only to crash land and wake up with the TMD on his arm. The goal is to stop the singularity, wich I dont really know what it is. I just know that it happened 1950 (May be based around this :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity) .

Singularity screenshot 2

Singularity screenshot 2

Everything about this game looks very promising, not too much story, not too linear and not too confusing either. I really love the “fuck-with-physics-weapons” like with the gravity gun and the portal gun. So im pretty sure this game is worth atleast one playthrough just to have fun with the TMD.

Multiplayer has been announced but nothing about how it will work. Looking forward to that too.

Here’s the trailer:


1 Response to “A quick look on Singularity”

  1. 1 Mr. D
    April 24, 2009 at 18:23

    Truly great stuff there mate.
    Now I also long for this to hit the stores!

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