Enter the Razz

Well then, I guess that an introduction would be appropriate.

I’m Razz, currently 23years old and as I see it, the old guy in the group. And as the old guy it’s in my nature to be bitter and whiny about most stuff. See me as a young Andy Rooney with a touch of AVGN.

Currently unemployed but going for Chefstatus IRL and in World of Warcraft. Yes, I play World of Warcraft. Being unemployed I’ve found myself having to much spare time and nothing to do after my daily workout… Yes, I work out to. I’m the gamer personified and unpersonified in one.

Anyway, my earliest memory of gaming comes from the … I guess it is the 80’s actually. Dad brought home a Commodore 64.  The one single item in the world that makes me happy by just looking at it. Unfortunaetly it only brings me sad memories because as stupid as I was back then, I wanted a NES. Yes, I was young, dumb and naive and I really wanted a NES. Did I get one? Of course I did… what kid didn’t have a NES in his room at that time? If you haven’t you must’ve had a fucked up childhood my friend. Well, my uncle who was the one who really introduced me to the whole gaming scene bought himself a SNES as soon as it was out. And about 6months later I inherited it by christmas. I was the happiest boy in the world. The fact that he only had three games at the time didn’t bother me at all. I had an SNES and I couldn’t have been happier.

And here I am today. Sure times have changed, after the SNES came the playstation which I didn’t buy until 1998 or something like that. Later the PS2 came and is still the latest console I have. That’s right, I don’t have and have never owned a N64 (even though it came earlier) XBOX, XBOX360 or a PS3.  And I still think that SNES is the best console gaming system in the world. But the best game in world, is undoubtedly Bubble Bobble for NES. Why? I’ll explain at a later time.

Hopefully, I’ll be the one bringing you rants about the retrogamingscene from the 80-90’s since that’s really where my big area of expertise lies.

Anyways, thank you for reading this small introduction about myself. I promise you all that the next post won’t be as focused on myself but on what you’re here for.  Games.



2 Responses to “Enter the Razz”

  1. April 27, 2009 at 13:42

    I never had a nes.. or a snes.. I was deprived. I managed to get an Amstrad 464, what a beast, and a master system though.

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